Enterprise Developer
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Enterprise Developer
This plan is designed for medium to large size development teams. Similar to its parent subscription type your team will instantly be able to develop on multiple devices simultaneously, publish your application on all major desktop and mobile platforms and gain access to the full NRG source code.

All members of your team will additionally gain access to the low-level C/C++ API of NRG allowing you to develop cross-platform high-performance plugins for your applications using the SDK.

Additionally, your team will also be illegible for prioritized customer support, troubleshooting and consultation via email or other preferred types of media.

Seats Configuration
Select the number of developer(s) (one per seat) you wish to purchase. Each seat will have its own identification key and will be associated to the NRG account under the active subscription.

Commitment Period
Please acknowledge that this plan is under a mandatory commitment period of . The total amount that will be charged to your Paypal account for this period time will be $.

Member Discount Points
You can get discounts each time you purchase a subscription by exchanging your NRG member points for cash (). To enable or disable this option before you checkout visit the Account Options section of your member account before processing your purchase.
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