Structure that contains the necessary data to generate a bitmap Font Texture from an .TTF or .OTF font file. Fonts are generally used to draw on screen either in two or three dimension. Coupled with a signed distance field they can be used to draw smooth anti-aliased text that look good from every distance using the Alpha-Tested Magnification for Vector Textures and Special Effects technique.

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Static Variables

Name Description
texture Parent Texture asset the Font data is attached to.
advance The current X and Y position of the Font cursor allowing you to extra the size in pixels of a specific text.


Name Description
size The maximum size allowed for each cell (or each character if you prefer).
ascii_start The first ASCII the Font map should begin with.
ascii_count The total number of ASCII (after the ascii_start) should be generated.
tab_spaces How many spaces a tabulation is equivalent to.
ascender Offset between each character based on the Font size and the specifications found in the .TFF or .OTF data.


Name Description
GetStringSize Retrieve the two-dimensional size of a text using the active Font.
ClearOffsets Reset the internal offset used when processing a string.
GetAsciiQuad Return the width in pixels for a specific ASCII to advance to the next character.

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