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Realtime Application Development Environment
Programmable Modular Feather Light Framework to Create Cross Platform Games & 3D Applications.
Why Choose NRG

Powerful Built-In Editors

View 3d
  • Fully Featured Scene Editor
  • Levels & Objects Streaming
  • Direct Realtime Visualization
  • Powerful Editing Functionalities
  • Navigation & Pathfinding Tools
  • Vertex & Terrain Sculpting
  • Layered Vertex Color Painting
  • Direct Debugging Feedbacks
Timeline Editor
  • Complete Keyframe Animation Editor
  • Multi-View: Graph & Dopesheet
  • Animate Everything! (Bones, Vars, Properties, ...)
  • Automatic Recording System (inc. Physics)
  • Realtime Action Editing
  • Complete Set of Interpolations & Cycles
  • Responsive Interactive Scrubbing System
Sequence Editor
  • Create Cutscenes and Movie Sequences
  • Industry Standard Track-Oriented System
  • Layered Sampling (Cam., Audio, Anim., ... )
  • Realtime Interactive Scrubbing & Feebacks
  • Triggers, Blend Clips, Transitions and more!
Molecules Editor
  • Create Stunning Particles Systems & Visual FX
  • Universal Modular Effect System
  • Realtime Editing & Feedbacks
  • Integrated Parameters Curve System
  • Fine Grain Control of Individual Particle
  • Complex Emission System for Realistic FX
Code Editor
  • Complete Source Code Editor (Scripts, Shaders & Utils.)
  • Flexible Coding System (Lua, C/C++ & GLSL|ES)
  • Visual User Friendly Node System (No Coding)
  • Edit | Continue & Hot-Reload Mechanism
  • Markup Language to Create Custom Nodes
  • Smart Code Completion & Syntax Highlight
  • Integrated Local & Remote Lua Debugger
  • Built-in Automatic Code Optimizer
  • Interactive Command Line Output
  • Monitor States of Threads & Coroutines
  • Local & Remote Script Injection
  • Realtime Live Feedback of Server Commands
Asset Library
  • Explorer like System to Manage your Assets
  • Ideal for Version Control (100% Text Based)
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Operations
  • Certified GLTF & COLLADA Importers
  • Automatic Level Of Details Generator
  • Texture Compression Tools (DXT, ASTC, ETC)
  • Visual Asset Previews & Thumbnails
  • Built-in Assisted Asset Creation System
Audio Mixer
  • Controls & Monitor Audio Sources and Groups
  • Manage Complex Live Audio Mix with Ease
  • Realtime Audio Statistics
  • Create & Organize Audio Snapshots
  • Define Transitional Audio Presets
  • Craft & Manage Audio Transitions
Controller Editor
  • Create Machine State Based Animations
  • Build an Infinity of Complex Actions
  • Manage Actions Blending and Transitions
  • Bridge Machine States & User Inputs
  • Fully Featured Layered Action System
  • Armature Based Inclusion, Exclusion Mechanism
  • Visually Track Actions and Transitions
  • Build, Play, Profile & Debug Remotely
  • Sync. your Project on Multiple Devices
  • Remote Control Player Functionalities
  • Live Local & Remote Editing
  • Convert Touch Devices as an Input Device
Ready to Get Started?

Take the NRGeditor Quick Tour

Get in touch with the NRGeditor interface and its internal mechanics; find your bearings by exploring the default workspace and the different editors it contains.

In this session, you'll take a quick tour of the NRGeditor, get an overview of its interface and learn some of the key concepts behind its core also known as NRG. At first glance, the NRGeditor might look like a modern game editor, but it is in fact a low-level API-driven 100% scriptable and dynamic Realtime Application Development Environment built specifically to create games and 3d graphical applications.

It provides all the flexibility you would expect from a low-level graphics library but offers all the convenience and fast iterations of a high-level game engine editor. With that said, watch this quick tour of the NRGeditor to get a deeper dive into it!
Get Your Hands Dirty!

Jump start straight to what you need to know and start creating a basic 3d platformer from scratch using NRG! Discover how to operate the NRGeditor and learn everything you need to get you started with your own project.

In this video you will touch base with every aspect of game development from importing assets and creating objects to physics and learn how to integrate logic code and user interactions.

By the end of this quick session you'll have in hands all the necessary basics to get started with your own project. From there all you have to do is to expand the knowledge that have been covered during the session!

Learning Resources

Latest News from NRG

  • Partnership with Isotopic

    We team up with our friends at Isotopic to provide our NRG Devs. a way to publish Games and 3D Apps directly to the Isotopic Game Store using the Project Manager. More info coming soon!
  • NRG v2022.4.384543

    The latest version of NRG is now stable and available. This version include massive internal changes and focus on FULL Android support for the NRGeditor, Micro Games and the NRGsandbox.

    View Change Log
  • NRGball 3022

    Inspired by the World Cup; for this Game Jolt Jam we've decided to create a new type of futuristic sport of galactic scale by mixing e-sports and athletic sports. Take Aim, Shoot and Score!

    NRGball WorldZ Cup 3022
  • Develop on Android for Android

    The upcoming release provide direct support for Android! You can now use powered mobile SOC to prototype, develop, play test and debug on the go using the new sandbox ES renderer.

    Download APK
  • Kenney Game Jam 2022

    We recently participate in the Kenney Game Jam. In the course of a weekend 1 programmer and 1 artist were able to build from scratch using NRG the cutest game using only Kenney assets.

  • NRG v2022.3.383570

    The third release of this year is out! This version aim at performance improvements; many existing features have been upgraded or refactored and new core systems are now available!

    View Change Log
  • XWP FULL Project FREE

    The Together Jam is now over and we are proud to announce that the entire project including the source code and all assets are now available for FREE for all registered users!

    Download Project
  • Game Jolt Game Jam

    Using NRG, in 2 weeks one programmer and one artist build from scratch an entire mini-game based on the Xena Warrior Princess theme for the Game Jolt's Together Jam.

    Game Page | Game Site