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NRG provides you specialized tools to gain direct access to low levels APIs and provides you a thin comprehensive abstraction layer for you to start building on. Gain some serious re-usable skills by learning how to build from scratch your state of art 2D/3D Game or Application.
Build From the Ground Up
Develop your Handbuilt 3D Engine with NRG and achieve better performance than any other all-in-one solutions out there. Written in pure C our Non-Linear Programmable Core produce lightweight and lightning-fast stand-alone executables and provides two ways to code your applications, Lua or pure C/C++.
Create Specialized Code
Use NRG to develop your very own Customized Rendering Graphics Engine tuned precisely for your project. Achieve better performance by creating your GPU renderer and GLSL shaders tailored specifically for your 2D/3D Application and optimized for your targeted platforms.
Custom Rendering Pipeline
Built for rapid prototyping and to handle projects of any size, with NRG you can develop, code, build, profile and debug your Apps. on one or multiple platforms simultaneously in realtime and publish it as a native C/C++ standalone executable or as an Add-On for an external project.
True Cross Platform 3D Apps.
The Right Tools to get the Job Done.

Listed below is a quick rundown of the most frequently used tools of the NRGeditor. Based on the type of work you will be doing with NRG (ie. programmer, animator, FX, or level designer); some editors will be more suitable than others depending on your scope of work, and some will be commonly used by all.
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View 3D
A powerful scene editor that allows you to manipulate in realtime all the different aspects of your worlds and levels.
  • Full featured editing functionality.
  • Direct realtime preview and feedback.
  • Visual pathfinding and navigation tools.
  • Object placement and manipulation.
  • Powerful realtime visualization and debugging functionalities.
Timeline Editor
Manipulate actions in realtime; control their behaviors and manipulate curves, cycles, keyframes and, actuators.
  • Built-in curve graphs and dopesheet.
  • Powerful record system allowing you to animate everything.
  • Edit keyframes, interpolation and cycles.
  • Adjust in realtime timing of actions.
  • Realtime interactive scrubbing system.
Sequence Editor
Create an entire film or movie-like cutscenes and seamless cinematic gameplay for your realtime application.
  • Industry standard, track-oriented system.
  • Built-in layered sampling system for camera shots and audio.
  • Interactive realtime preview, scrubbing and playback system.
  • Triggers, blend clips, animate and more.
Molecules Editor
Create out of this world visual effects; easily build extremely complex modular particles system within minutes.
  • Realtime feedback and editing of effects.
  • Visually manipulate the behaviors of millions of particles.
  • Easily control the aspect of each particle parameters through curves.
  • Combine emitters into one effects.
Controller Editor
Control complex animations using a machine state-based system; manage the actions and blending of each body part.
  • Instant controls machine state system.
  • Visual debugging system to track states and transitions.
  • Creates infinity of resulting animations using multiple action layers.
  • Bridge states variable and user inputs.
Code Editor
Select between visual (node base) or manual to create and code scripts, GPU shaders, and GUI utilities for IDE plugins.
  • Integrated syntax highlight, debugger, optimizer and code completion.
  • User friendly, visual node system.
  • Built-in markup language to create nodes.
  • Edit and continue system for Shaders, Utilities, Nodes and Scripts.
Interactive console able to monitor the editor interaction with the core server; send commands to remote devices.
  • Realtime command line echo output.
  • Inject scripting commands locally or remotely to a specific thread.
  • Visualize in realtime all commands processed by the server.
  • Monitor the state of each active threads.
Import, create, and manage the assets of your application assets. Track your project changes using distributed version-control.
  • Guided asset creation wizards system.
  • Preview, search and organize assets.
  • Full featured file explorer optimized specifically for asset management.
  • Built-in visual set of tools for compression, LODs and more.
Audio Mixer
Monitor the current state of all active sound sources; create presets, snapshots and manage sound groups transitions.
  • Manage individual sound source or sound group properties in realtime.
  • Control complex live audio mix with ease.
  • Dynamic audio mixer statistics monitor.
  • Create and organize snapshots, presets and audio transitions.
Realtime remote viewer that allows you to develop your project on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Player and remote control functionalities.
  • Directly sync. your application on multiple platforms without leaving the editor.
  • Provide direct feedback while editing your project on multiple devices.
  • Build, Play, Profile, Debug remotely.
Power Up Your Vision with NRG

 1.  Rendering Pipeline
Start by building your renderer! Create your Sandbox by using Visual Nodes or pure GLSL to implement your dedicated rendering pipeline.

There are no requirements or limitations, from traditional multi-textured rasterizer, cell-shaded, PBR, hybrids, voxel-based, raytraced to fully path trace; with NRG you are in total control of the output.
 2.  Import Assets
Once your custom renderer in ready its now time to assemble your worlds and levels. NRG supports out of the box a large array of 2D assets created by image manipulation programs and COLLADA for 3D interactive assets.

Define your own material & renderlayer presets to control at import time the rendering and shading process based on your renderer specifications.
 3.  Dynamic Interactions
Using Visual, or Manual coding build scripts in Lua or plugins in C/C++ to implement your logic code that drives the dynamic interactions of your App.

Use the unique dev. environment built around the NRG ecosystem to develop your App. on multiple devices in realtime. Code, prototype, debug, test, profile during runtime, and once satisfied, simply apply the changes.
 4.  Publishing
The final stage of your project is to share it with the world; thanks to the unique design of NRG all you have to do is to select the platforms you want to deploy on and a standalone C/C++ project will be generated.

Alternatively, you can also use the published output in another project as an add-on by providing NRG a dedicated 3D accelerated area.
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