Welcome to the NRG API Reference!

This part of the documentation contains details and references of the scripting (Lua) and low level (C/C++) API that NRG provides. In order to make full use of the information contained here you should first be familiar with all the basic theory and practice of coding in NRG (which is explained in the Code Editor section of the NRG manual).

The help system is divided by modules and classes (at the exception of this page of course). To inspect a module expand it from the left side treeview; once expanded you'll gain access to the global objects contained in the module and each individual classes. Selecting a class or a global object will jump you directly to the specific section.

Classes and global objects pages are organized by structure types (each class or object contains at least one structure; itself). For each structure you can access the list of Static Variables (immutable), Variables (mutable) and Functions. Additionally in the case that the resource is "scriptable" the Events that they triggered are listed along with their logical calling order within pipeline.

For your convenience, most variables and functions listed contains a small example showcasing their usage along with information about their parameters, return values etc... To access the extra information of a specific variable or function simply click on their names; this action will expand their table row and reveal the full length help content for it.

All NRG modules and/or sub-modules are available for publishing; however GUI, Theme and Ide which are only available within the Editor environment. In addition you can also learn directly from the commands that the editor are generating at runtime by reviewing the Console echo log. By default the console log is truncated for convenience and performance purposes, but you can enable the full output at any time by entering Dbg.server_echo=2 in the command box then press Enter.

Before getting started your next step is the Coding page where you can learn more about the event system and other generic information that will help you along the way.

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