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Specify the current matrix mode.

  • kModelViewMatrix: Select to the active model multiply by view matrix.
  • kProjectionMatrix: Set the active matrix mode to projection.


Flags that can be combined as parameters to the Gfx:Clear function.

  • fColorBufferBit: Clear the color buffer.
  • fDepthBufferBit: Clear the depth buffer (require depth test to be enabled).
  • fStencilBufferBit: Clear the stencil buffer (require stencil test to be enabled).


  • kFront: Cull front faces.
  • kBack: Cull back faces.
  • kFrontAndBack: Cull front and back faces.


  • kClockwise: Clockwise faces are considered front faces.
  • kCounterClockwise: Counterclockwise faces are considered front faces.


Primitives drawing modes.

  • kPoints: Treats each vertex as a single point.
  • kLines: Treats each pair of vertices as an independent line segment.
  • kLineLoop: Draws a connected group of line segments from the first vertex to the last, then back to the first.
  • kLineStrip: Draws a connected group of line segments from the first vertex to the last.
  • kTriangles: Treats each triplet of vertices as an independent triangle.
  • kTriangleStrip: Draws a connected group of triangles. One triangle is defined for each vertex presented after the first two vertices.
  • kTriangleFan: Draws a connected group of triangles. One triangle is defined for each vertex presented after the first two vertices.


Equations available for blending. The function exposed by the graphics API is the following: kAdd, kSubtract, kReverseSubtract, kMin and kMax. For more information about each equation visit the OpenGL glBlendEquation help page.


The available blending factors are: kBlendZero, kBlendOne, kBlendSrcColor, kBlendOneMinusSrcColor, kBlendDstColor, kBlendOneMinusDstColor, kBlendSrcAlpha, kBlendOneMinusSrcAlpha, kBlendDstAlpha, kBlendOneMinusDstAlpha, kBlendConstantColor, kBlendOneMinusConstantColor, kBlendConstantAlpha, kBlendOneMinusConstaintAlpha and kBlendSrcAlphaSaturate. Visit the OpenGL glBlendFunc help page to learn more about each blending factors.


Available stencil functions.

  • kNever: Never.
  • kLess: Less than.
  • kEqual: Equal.
  • kLequal: Less or equal.
  • kGreater: Greater.
  • kGequal: Greater or equal.
  • kNotEqual: Not equal.
  • kAlways: Always.


List of available stencil operations.

  • kZero: Sets the value to 0.
  • kKeep: Keeps the current value.
  • kReplace: Replace the current value.
  • kIncr: Increment the current value.
  • kDecr: Decrement the current value.
  • kInvert: Invert the current value.
  • kIncrWrap: Increment and wrap back to zero when the maximum value is reached.
  • kDecrWrap: Decrement and wrap back to zero when the minimum value is reached.


Allow you to enable or disable graphics specific machine states.

  • kCullFace: Controls the cull face state.
  • kBlend: Enable or disable the blending state.
  • kDither: Controls the dithering state.
  • kStencilTest: Enable or disable stencil testing.
  • kDepthTest: Enable or disable depth test.
  • kDepthMask: Enable or disable depth write.
  • kScissorTest: Controls scissor test.
  • kPolygonOffsetFill: Controls if an depth offset should be applied when depth testing polygons.
  • kSmoothLines: Draw anti-alias lines.


  • kArrayBuffer: Vertex array buffer.
  • kElementArrayBuffer: Element array buffer.


Attribute flags that can be used with the Gfx:PushAttribs and Gfx:PopAttribs functions.

  • fActive: Machine states, active texture, active program, vertex buffers, vertex array, vertex attributes, and frame buffer.
  • fCurrent: Clear color, color mask, line width, point size, scissor, and viewport.
  • fDepth: Depth value, depth function, and depth range (zNear, zFar).
  • fBlend: Blend equation, blend equation separate (modeRGB, modeAlpha), blend function (sfactor, dfactor) and blend function separate (srcRGB, dstRGB, srcAlpha, dstAlpha).
  • fStencil: Clear stencil value, stencil function (+ reference mask), function separate (function, reference, and mask), stencil mask, stencil mask separate, stencil operations (fail, zfail, zpass), stencil operation separate (fail, zfail, zpass).
  • fAllBits: All attributes listed in this section.


  • kTexture2D: 2D texture.
  • kTexture3D: 3D texture.
  • kTexture2DArray: 2D texture array.
  • kTextureCubemap: Cubemap texture.

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