A component that allows you to create a table to align a series of Widget. In addition, to be able to compact the information presented on the Grid an open and close mechanism is provided.

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Static Variables

Name Description
widget Base Widget where the Grid component is defined.
row_count Total amount of row defined for the active Grid.


Name Description
open_size Size in pixels when the Grid is open.
close_size Size in pixels when the Grid is closed.
open Boolean value that determine wether or not the Grid is open.
align_all Force to align all Widget connected to the Grid even if they are not visible.
margin Specify the outter edge margin (in pixels) of the Grid on the X and Y axis.
spacing Specify the margin (in pixels) between cells and rows of the Grid.


Name Description
AddRow Append a new row to the active Grid.
RemoveRow Remove a row from the active Grid using its index as key.
SetRow Change the amount of cell for a specific row.
ClearRows Clear all rows.
Align Automatically realign all Widget connected to the active Grid cells.
AdjustBounds Adjust the Grid Widget bounds based if it is open or not.


Available type of Grid that can be used to dictate its behavior.

  • kNormal: Regular push down, come back up Grid.
  • kToggle: Push down, stay down, push again, comes back up.
  • kRadio: Circular radio Grid that works in a group.
  • kOption: Similar as kToggle but work in a group like kRadio.
  • kItem: The Grid state is managed by the user.

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