Global structures and definition used by the GUI modules.


A structure that is mainly used to store the margin of a certain type of Widget. It is basically a four-dimensional vector that store the left, right, top and down offset.


Name Description
left Left edge.
right Right edge.
top Top edge.
bottom Bottom edge.


Name Description
Set Function set all edges of the Guide.


A structure that allows triggering a specific event after a certain period of time.

Static Variables

Name Description
widget Widget reference associated with the Trigger.
signal The type of Signal the Trigger is sending.
start The start time of the Trigger.
timeout The Trigger interval.
cycle Number of time the Trigger have been executed.
L_callback The scripting command that should be called when the Trigger is activated.


Name Description
recursive Repeat the Trigger.


Constant value that enumerated the type of mouse buttons.

  • kButtonNone: No mouse button is pressed.
  • kButtonLeft: Left mouse button.
  • kButtonMiddle: Middle mouse button.
  • kButtonRight: Right mouse button.
  • kScrollUp: Scroll wheel up.
  • kScrollDown: Scroll wheel down.
  • kScrollLeft: Scroll wheel left.
  • kScrollRight: Scroll wheel right.


Available Widget signal types that can be used to implement functionalities on event callback.

  • kOnRefresh: Occurs when a Widget is updated.
  • kOnPaint: Occurs after the Widget draw call have been sent to the GPU.
  • kOnMousePress: The active pointing device receives a press.
  • kOnMouseMove: Happen when the pointing device is moving.
  • kOnMouseRelease: An active pointing device button has been released.
  • kOnKeyPress: A keyboard key is pressed.
  • kOnKeyRelease: A keyboard key is released.
  • kOnSpecialPress: A special keyboard key is pressed.
  • kOnSpecialPress: A special keyboard key is released.
  • kOnChange: The content or state of the Widget have been changed.
  • kOnFocusIn: The Widget receives the focus.
  • kOnFocusOut: The Widget loose its focus.
  • kOnResize: The Widget has been resized.
  • kOnDelete: The Widget is about to be deleted.
  • kOnShow: The Widget becomes visible.
  • kOnHide: The Widget becomes invisible.
  • kOnPulse: Special type of event that can be implemented using a Trigger.

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