A cylindrical representation of an obstacle that can be placed on one or multiple Navigation Map to force agents to take alternate routes.

Since each Map are built for different agent sizes; obstacles easily are configured to only affect specific Map based on their sizes.

Obstacles can drastically affect the result of Navigation queries as they are disturbing direct navigation paths. They can represent anything from a door that is closed to a boulder that falls from a mountain due to an explosion.

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Static Variables

Name Description
navigation Parent Navigation where the Obstacle is defined.
uid Unique id assigned to the Obstacle to identify it globally.


Name Description
state Current state the active Obstacle is in.
name Unique name to identify the Obstacle within the parent Navigation structure.
map_mask Bit mask of Map cap that tell the internal system which map(s) should be affected by the Obstacle.
color A unique color to visually identify the Obstacle.
radius The radius of the Obstacle.
height The height of the Obstacle.
location The world space location of the Obstacle.
normal Normal direction vector of the polygon where the Obstacle is located.

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