A component that allows you to place Widget vertically or horizontally and provides panning functionalities. Panels are generally used to display properties and hierarchy; since they can become lengthy it is ideal to place them into a scrollable panel.

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Static Variables

Name Description
widget Parent Widget where the Panel component is defined.
scroll Current scroll position on the X and Y axis.


Name Description
size Current size of the scrollable area of the Panel in pixels.
scroll_type The active type of scrolling the Panel is using (PanelType).
align_all Determine wether only visible Widget attached to the Panel should be aligned or even the one that are invisible.
scissor_test Force a scissor test to be executed when drawing the Panel avoid the content to be draw out of bounds.
margin Specify the Panel margin on the X and Y axis.
scissor_margin Specify the scissor test margin offsetting the Panel bounds.
spacing Amount of pixels to use to offset the next Widget displayed in the Panel.


Name Description
Align Align the Widget connected to the active Panel.
Scroll Change the current Panel scroll position.


Constant values that determine the alignment and scrolling direction of a Panel.

  • kNoScroll: Ignore scrolling.
  • kVertical: Allow the Panel to scroll vertically.
  • kHorizontal: Allow the Panel to scroll horizontally.
  • kBoth: Allow the Panel to scroll in both direction.

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