A component that allows you to specify a cut that will split the Widget into two separate cells. Each cell can contain a Widget and can be resized using the grip area provided by the splitter.

To prevent the Splitter cells to become to small a minimum cell size can be provided to prevent them to be resized below that threshold.

Additionally, if both cells area cannot fit within the Splitter bounds the less dominant will be retracted.

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Static Variables

Name Description
widget Parent Widget where the Splitter component is defined.


Name Description
min_cell_size Determine the minimum cell size in pixels.
dynamic_resize Determine wether or not the cells are dynamically resized when the Splitter size changes.
invert Invert the side of the Splitter main area (default left/up).
grip_size Specify the size of the grip in pixels.


Name Description
cut Specify the Splitter cut in pixels.
ResizeCells Resize the cells by providing a delta offset in pixels.
ResizeCells Resize the cells by providing a delta offset in pixels optionally snapping it to the grip grid.
Resize Resize the Splitter.
Resize Resize the Splitter optinally snapping it to the nearst point on the grip grid.
GetGrip Helper to retrieve the grip box.


Constant value used to set a Splitter direction.

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