A texture map contains the raw texel data that are ready to be uploaded to the GPU. Through this interface, you can change a variety of settings and properties; where each of them will have a direct impact on the texel data maintained by the structure.

The interface below also contains a series of helpers which allows you to directly access texel data, convert, resize and even save the raw data directly to disk using popular file formats etc...

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Static Variables

Name Description
byte_array Access the raw byte array of texel data.
float_array Access the raw floating point array of texel data.


Name Description
width Width of the texture data in pixel.
height Height of the texture data in pixel.
depth Depth of the texture data in pixel.
byte Amount of components per pixel.
samples Amount of samples for multisample anti-alias Texture.
options Bit mask of TexmapOptions flag(s) currently assigned to the active Texmap.


Name Description
To16Bits Convert the current Texmap data to 16bits.
Generate Regenerate the Texmap texel array.
Resize Upscale or downscale the current texel data to a new resolution.
GetByteSize Return the size of the current byte/options Texmap configuration.
SetByte Manually update the byte value of a texel.
SetFloat Manually update the float value of a texel.
GetByte Retrieve the current value of a specific byte texel.
GetFloat Retrieve the current value of a specific floating point texel.
GetMemUsage Total amount in bytes used by the Texmap texel data.
Clear Release the current texel array data from memory.
SavePNG Save on disk the current texel data array to PNG.
SaveTGA Save on disk the current texel data array to TGA.
SaveBMP Save on disk the current texel data array to BMP.
SaveHDR Save on disk the current texel data array to HDR.
SaveKTX Save on disk the current texel data array to KTX.


Bit flags are combined together to form the options used by a Texmap. The flags listed below will modify the type of data handled by the Texmap as well as some of its internal behaviors.

  • fLuminanceToAlpha: Convert grayscale to an alpha channel.
  • f16bits: Specifies that the Texmap data is converted to 16 bits.
  • fUse5551: In the event, the Texmap contains an RGBA channel and is flagged to be converted as 16 bits; convert using the 5551 methods instead of using the default 4444 bits per component.
  • fFloat: Flag the Texmap to use floating point values instead of bytes.
  • fNoClear: Prevent the Texmap texel data to be freed after it is upload to the GPU.
  • fNoSave: Force to do not save the texmap data. This option is generally use to mark texmaps that are procedurally generated at runtime and do not need to be saved.
  • fNoOverride: Prevent the Texmap to be resized or compressed.
  • fMultiSample: Enable multisample anti-alias. Take note that MSAA textures needs to be blit into a regular attachment. The code below show how to blit color and depth Texture attachment from one framebuffer to another.
  • fArray: Convert a texture3D into a sampler2DArray.

function OnEnd() -- The destination framebuffer (the active camera). local dst = event.object.data.camera.framebuffer -- The source framebuffer. local src = event.object.scene:GetObject( "Camera" ).data.camera.framebuffer dst:BlitBegin() -- Blit the color and depth buffer. dst:Blit( src, Graphics.ClearBuffer.fColorBufferBit + Graphics.ClearBuffer.fDepthBufferBit, 0, 0, false) -- Requires linear to be set to false. dst:BlitEnd() end

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