AdaptiveMeshes are very similar to StaticMesh at the exception that they have pre-defined level of details generated automatically using the Geometry GenerateLODs function. For each of theses LOD information is generated which allows an adaptivemesh to adjust its topology dynamically using a per pixel or triangle count method.

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Static Variables

Name Description
object The base Object that defines the transformation of the AdaptiveMesh.
mesh The Mesh asset the connected to the current AdaptiveMesh.
rendering_settings Override the default geometry ratio and provides a per Object basis RenderingSettings.


Name Description
SetMesh Connect or disconnect a Mesh to the active AdaptiveMesh.
SetMaterial Connect a Material to use for a specific LOD primitive when it is draw on a certain RenderLayer.
CopyMaterials Copy the primitive LOD Material settings from one RenderLayer to another.
GetMaterial Retrieve a Material used by a LOD primitive for a specific RenderLayer.


Callbacks Description
OnDraw Triggered when the AdaptiveMesh is about to be sent on GPU for drawing.
OnDisplay Triggered right after the AdaptiveMesh is done drawing.


Settings that allows you to override the default adaptation method of the reduction data associated to a Geometry. Theses properties extend the capabilities and rely on the simplification and LOD methods available through the Geometry API.


Name Description
adaptation_method The prefered AdaptationMethod to use for the active RenderingSettings.
lod_details Value used to interpolate LOD (kLevelOfDetails); or the amound of details should be kept during simplification (kMicroDisplacements).
lod_outline The silouhette threshold to use during simplification.
lod_proximity Bounding sphere multiplier that disable kMicroDisplacements when getting in proximity of the Object.
fps Amount of LOD to generate per second when using kMicroDisplacements.


Primitives drawing modes.

  • kDefault: Use the Geometry lod_details value to interpolate LODs.
  • kLevelOfDetails: Override the Geometry lod_details threshold for a specific value to use on the active Object to render.
  • kMicroDisplacements: Procedurally generate an infinite amount of LOD based on the active Camera view and vertex distance using a Geometry reduction data.

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