When using Navigation and pathfinding it is common that agents are not able to reach a specific location. By creating a Connection you can tell the navigation system that this location in space is still reachable; and can accessible using a specific Action like jump or crawl etc...

Each connection is defined by a starting point and an ending point located on the navigation Map and are usually uni directional. But, in some cases; the agent might be allowed to also come back the way they came from. For this case the connection can be marked as bidirectional (ie: The agent can jump on a roof and is able to jump back down).

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Static Variables

Name Description
map The parent Map the Connection is attached to.
uid Unique id to internally identify the Connection.


Name Description
state Internal state of the connection (used by the Navigation Tools).
name A unique name to identify the Connection within is parent Map.
ability_mask Bit mask based on the Map Ability cap that specifies how the Connection can be accessed by an agent.
start_point The starting position of the Connection on the Map.
end_point The ending point of the Connection on the Map.
color Color to identify the Connection (used by the Navigation Tools).
radius Radius that specify the accessible area of the Connection.
bidirectional Determine if the Connection should be available both ways (start to end, end to start).

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