Module containing common structures and common definition that are used mostly by the sound fx subsystem, SoundSource as well as EnergyField.

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Constant flags definition of the available effect slots.

  • fEffectSlot0: First effect slot.
  • fEffectSlot1: Second effect slot.
  • fEffectSlot2: Third effect slot.
  • fEffectSlot3: Fourth effect slot.


Definitions of the available attenuation algorithms used by SoundSource and EnergyField.

  • kNoDistanceAttenuation: No attenuation calculation will be applied and a value of 1 will always be used.
  • kLinearDistance: Linear distance interpolation.
  • kLinearDistanceClamped: Linear distance interpolation clamped to the range of 0 to 1.
  • kInverseDistance: Same as kLinearDistance except that range is inverted (from 1 to x).
  • kInverseDistanceClamped: Same as above at the exception that the range is clamped.
  • kExponentDistance: The linear interpolation received an exponential gain.
  • kExponentDistanceClamped: Sample as above but clamped to the range of 0 to 1.
  • kInverseExponentDistance: Same as kExponentDistance but reversed.
  • kInverseExponentDistanceClamped: Same as above but lamped to the range of 0 to 1.
  • kDefaultAttenuation: Specify that the default attenuation model of the parent resource should be used.
  • kCustomCurve: Allows you to specify a custom attenuation Curve.


Configurable parameters of the Sound FX subsystem.

Take note that changing any of the parameters below require the sound subsystem to be restarted.

Static Variables

Name Description
frequency Specify the output of the audio mixer frequency in Mhz.
stereo_sources Maximum amount of stereo sound sources that can be played simultaneously.
auxiliary_sends Maximum amount of auxiliary sends.
hrtf Enable or disable head-related transfer function.


Settingsurable parameters of the Sound FX subsystem.

Static Variables

Name Description
distance_model The default DistanceModel to apply for all SoundSource attenuation calculation.
source_model Force the sound system to use a per SoundSource attenuation distance model only.
speed_of_sound Controls the default speed of sound specified in meters per seconds.
doppler_factor Specify the scale factor between the SoundSource and the Listener velocity.
doppler_velocity Determine the multiplier to apply to the speed of sound.

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