A programming interface that provides supports large Stream of text. The API below included history management, syntax and color highlights and more...

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Static Variables

Name Description
line_count Total amount of lines.
size Size of the string in pixels based on the current Font used by the TextArea connected to the active TextBuffer.
history_index Current history buffer index.
history_count Total available amount of history buffer.
stream Reference to the Stream associated to the active TextBuffer.


Name Description
read_only Specify wether or not the TextBuffer is read only.
scroll Current scroll position on the X and Y axis.
selection The current text selection represented by the character index where the selection begin (X component) and the end index (Y component).
selection_offset The previous X position of the selection; usefull when moving from line to line to keep the selection aligned.


Name Description
SetTextBuffer Retrieve the line index for a specific character.
Undo Undo the last input step.
Redo Redo the last input step.
ClearHistory Clear all available history.
GetCharPosition Add a syntax highlight.
HaveHighlight Helper the retrieve wether or not the current TextBuffer contains highlights for a specific color.
HaveHighlightAt Test if there is a highlight available for specific character range.
RemoveHighlight Remove all highlights that are using a specific color.
RemoveHighlightAt Remove all highlights of a specific color located within a specific character index range.
ClearHighlights Remove all highlights.
ClearSyntaxHighlights Remove all builtin syntax highlights.
OrderSelection Reorder the active selection to insure that the start and end position does not overlap each other.

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