Provides the necessary functionalities and properties to a Widget to display static text.

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Static Variables

Name Description
widget Parent Widget where the Label component is defined.
length Total amount of characters currently cached.
font Reference to the Font used by the active Label.
size Size of the string in pixels based on the current Font used by the Label.


Name Description
margin Specify the margin to use when drawing the Label.
centered Determine if the string of the Label should be centered.
selection The current text selection represented by the character index where the selection begin (X component) and the end index (Y component).
highlight Similar as selection; this property provides a way to visually highlight a sub-string.
string The current text the Label should display.


Name Description
WordWrap Force words that are end up outside of the Label width to be placed on the next line.
GetAlignment Helper that return the Label alignment size in pixels taking in consideration if its margin and centered state.
SetFont Set the Font to use to draw the Label string.

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