A global resource that comes in multiple flavors and can be use by multiple resources simultaneously.

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Static Variables

Name Description
uid Global unique id to identify the asset.
links Amount of references the asset currently have (connected to how many resources).
data Internal data structure of the Asset maintaining the data available for its type.
flags Bit mask holding the current state of the Asset.


Name Description
name The fullpath of the Asset starting from the project root.


Defines the data type of an Asset.

  • kScene: A container where you can place objects to create worlds.
  • kTexture: Base type that can be mutated into multiple subtype of texture such as 2d, 3d, Video, Font etc...
  • kCubemap: A cubemap texture where that uses a different Texture on every face.
  • kMaterial: Structure that will prepare the ncessary resources for the GPU to draw triangles.
  • kPhysicMaterial: Controls the surface properties of a physic object.
  • kSoundBuffer: The binary data that will be streamed at runtime by a SoundSource.
  • kVideoBuffer: Provide the binary video data that will update a video Texture at runtime.
  • kMesh: Geometric binary data that defines the topology of renderable objects.
  • kSkeleton: Hierarchy of bones and joint that defines how a skin move when beeing animated.
  • kScript: Where you place your logic code.
  • kShader: Code that tells the GPU how to draw triangles.
  • kTrack: A reusable curve.
  • kUtility: Basically a Script to create tools for the editor.
  • kEntity: A fully functional object that is reusable (a prefab).
  • kFracture: Prefedine how an mesh should shater.
  • kParticleNetwork: Define how particles contained inside a particle system behave.
  • kPath: A 3d dimensional route that consists of tri-dimensional control points.
  • kAudioEffect: Simulate real world acoustic and psychoacoustic effects by modulating the final audio mixer output.
  • kAudioFilter: Attenuates various frequencies of a specific sound of the final output in realtime.
  • kArmature: An armature is used by actions and activity strips to exclude or include a specific set of bones from an animation.
  • kController: Controls the flow of an animation using predefined machine states.


-- You can access a specific asset type like this: print( "The value of the AssetType kTexture is " .. Asset.AssetType.kTexture )


Miscellaneous type that are neither associated to an Asset or an Object; the list below are used to identity non-resource types (possible type used by an Handler).


Internal structure that maintain the data of the Asset based on the type it was created with.

Static Variables

Name Description
type The internal AssetType of the Asset.
scene Scene data reference.
texture Texture data reference.
cubemap Cubemap data reference.
material Material data reference.
physicmaterial PhysicMaterial data reference.
soundbuffer SoundBuffer data reference.
videobuffer VideoBuffer data reference.
mesh Mesh data reference.
skeleton Skeleton data reference.
mesh Mesh data reference.
skeleton Skeleton data reference.
script Script data reference.
shader Shader data reference.
track Track data reference.
fracture Fracture data reference.
particlenetwork ParticleNetwork data reference.
path Path data reference.
audioeffect AudioEffect data reference.
audiofilter AudioFilter data reference.
armature Armature data reference.
controller Controller data reference.

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