Use the active Object contained in a ObjectGroup to create a 2D or 3D partition grid displaying only the elements visible from an arbitrary viewer.

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Static Variables

Name Description
group The ObjectGroup where the active ObjectGrid is defined.
cell_type The type of cell that is used to split the ObjectGrid (see CellType).
cell_size Size of each individual ObjectCell (usually represented in meters).
cell_count Total amount of ObjectCell contained in the active ObjectGrid.
viewer Reference to an arbitray Object to use as the grid viewer.


Name Description
viewer_method The active ViewerMethod use to determine which grid cells are visible.
viewer_angle The field of view of the viewer in degrees.
viewer_height The height of the viewer.
viewer_distance Determine how far the viewer can see.


Name Description
Clear Clear the active ObjectGrid.
GetObjectCellAt Retrieve a specific ObjectCell from the current ObjectGrid using its coordinate as key.
SetViewer Set the Object to be used as viewer for the active ObjectGrid.
GetObjectIndex Build (or rebuild) the active ObjectGrid.
AddObject Add a specific Object reference to the active ObjectGrid.
UpdateObject Update the occupation data associated to a specific Object reference.
RemoveObject Remove an Object from the active ObjectGrid using its unique ID as key.
RemoveUnusedObjects Deselect all Object contained in the active ObjectGrid.
RemoveMissingObjects Remove all reference to missing Object contained in the active ObjectGrid.
RemoveEmptyCells Remove all the ObjectCell that does not contained any Object reference.
Update Trigger a manual update of the ObjectGrid forcing to recalculate which ObjectCell are visible.


The strategy to adopt while calculating which ObjectCell are visible from the associated viewer point of view for the active ObjectGrid.

  • kCartesian: Display all ObjectCell based on the grid occupancy of the viewer.
  • kPyramid: The ObjectCell visibility check is based on an approximated version of viewer frustum.
  • kTube: Cylindrical visibility check.
  • kGlobe: Spherical visibility check.

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