A particle network is a reusable asset that allows you defines how particles contained inside a ParticleSystem will behave.

One or more ParticleEmitter is declared and is responsible for a specific type of particle. As an example to describe what a ParticleNetwork is let take a fire. The fire is the ParticleNetwork, inside the network multiple ParticleEmitter are added. One that is responsible for emitting the smoke particles, another one the sparks and the last one the flames.

Once this fire ParticleNetwork is created it can be assigned to one or multiple ParticleSystem and run as an instance, a template or as a full copy.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Parent Asset where the ParticleNetwork is attached.
particlenetwork_count Amount of ParticleEmitter maintained by the active ParticleNetwork.


Name Description
AddParticleEmitter Create an append a new ParticleEmitter to the active ParticleSystem.
GetParticleEmitter Retrieve an existing ParticleEmitter connected to the active ParticleNetwork by name.
GetParticleEmitterAt Get an existing ParticleEmitter reference using its index as key.
GetParticleEmitterIndex Retrieve the current index of an existing ParticleEmitter.
SetParticleEmitterIndex Change the current index of a ParticleEmitter.
RemoveParticleEmitter Remove a specific ParticleEmitter.
RemoveParticleEmitterAt Remove an existing ParticleEmitter by index.
SwapParticleEmitters Exchange the location of two ParticleEmitter.

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