A physic material is a type of Asset that allows you to control how to surface of a PhysicObject will behave. It is used to adjust friction and bouncing effects (restitution) of two colliding objects (RigidBody). For SoftBody a physic material will allow you to control the flexibility (the linear stiffness) of each primitive.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Parent Asset where the PhysicMaterial structure is maintained.


Name Description
friction Coulomb coefficient to use for the Collider (RigidBody only).
restitution Controls the elasticity of the collision (RigidBody only).
friction_combiner The Combiner to use for friction.
restitution_combiner The Combiner to use for restitution.
linear_stiffness Controls how stiff the faces attached to this PhysicMaterial should be (SoftBody only).


Constant values that enumerate the type of combiner the PhysicMaterial should use from friction and restitution.

If one of the Collider does not have any PhysicMaterial attached default friction (0.5) and restitution (0.0) values will be used.

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