Region objects are basically used to create triggers; they are bounds in space that allow you to detect when other objects either enter, overlap or leave the shape. Based on the current state of an actor, more advanced logic can be implemented.

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Static Variables

Name Description
object Parent Object where the Region is declared.
shape ColliderData properties available for the current type of Region CollisionBounds.
actor_count Current amount of Actor contained in the active Region.
scene_count Current amount of scene stream slot initialized.


Name Description
color Color to visually identify the Region in the editor.
inclusion_mask Bit mask of ObjectType which represent each class that can interact with the active Region.
filter An optional substring that needs to be present within the Object name in order for it to be valid to interact with the active Region.
flags Bit mask of Region options.
enabled Enable or disable the active Region.
global Force the Region to detect Object on a global scale.
fps Update rate of the active Region in Mhz.
interior_margin Allow you to specify an inner margin that delemit the interior of the Region shape.
actor_filter Name filter to evaluate for Stream stream loading/unloading.
actor_type The ObjectType of the Actor that can trigger Scene stream loading/unloading.
sync_time Last time the Region was re-evaluated.


Name Description
GetActor Retrieve the Actor reference for a specific Object.
GetActorIndex Return the internal Actor index associated with a specific Object.
GetActorAt Retrieve a specific Actor reference by index.
GetActorStateAt Get the current ActorState of a specific Actor index.
SetBoundsType Set the Region CollisionBounds shape type.
Evaluate Manually force the Region to evaluate which Object are contained within its bounds.
AddSceneStream Create a new Scene stream slot.
GetSceneStream Retrieve the Scene Asset currently connected to a specific slot.
SetSceneStream Assign a Scene Asset to a specific slot.
GetSceneStreamIndex Return the internal index of the slot associated to the Scene Asset reference received in parameter.
SetSceneStreamIndex Change an internal slot index by using its connected Asset reference as key.
RemoveSceneStream Remove a specific Scene stream slot using its index as key.
SwapSceneStreams Swap two existing slots using their index as key.
Clear Clear the Actor from the active Region and reset the sync.


Region specific events that are available to through the Script interface.

Callbacks Description
OnEnter Triggered once as soon another object pass the filtering process and enter the region bounds in space.
OnOverlay Triggered on every update as long as a valid object (which have pass the filtering phase) is actually overlapping the region shape.
OnLeave Triggered once as soon an object that was previous overlaying the region shape is now leaving it.


Represent an entry that is currently contained within the bounds of the active Region.

Static Variables

Name Description
object Reference to the Object associated with the Actor.
state The current ActorState of the entry.
time_stamp The application time when the Actor enter the region.
isinside Represent if the Actor is inside the Region.
interior Represent if the Actor is inside the inner section of the Region.


Common constant variables enumerating the possible Actor state.

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