Base class that allows you to create non-linear sequences to create gameplay and cinematic cutscenes. Using sequences you can construct with ease dynamic complex animation sequences that can be triggered at any time at runtime.

Whether it is a cut-scene that have to be triggered when opening a treasure chest; or if its cinematic that elaborate the plot or storylines, sequences will help you to make your app more epic.

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Static Variables

Name Description
animation Reference to the parent Animation storing the active Sequence.
stripfolder_count Current amount of StripFolder available in the active Sequence.
handler Handler responsible of handling the Sequence coroutines.
uid Unique id assigned to the Sequence to identify it globally.


Name Description
fps Update rate of the current Sequence.
speed The Sequence playback speed.
name Unique name to identify the Sequence within its parent Animation.
state The active playback State of the Sequence.
flags Bitmask controlling the various flags of the current Sequence.


Name Description
AddStripFolder Append a new StripFolder to the active Sequence.
GetStripFolder Retrieve an existing StripFolder using its name as key.
GetStripFolderAt Retrieve an existing StripFolder associated to the active Sequence by index.
GetStripFolderIndex Return the internal index of a specific StripFolder maintained by the active Sequence.
SetStripFolderIndex Manually change the current position of a StripFolder.
RemoveStripFolder Remove a specific StripFolder from the active Sequence.
RemoveStripFolderAt Helper to remove an existing StripFolder associated to the current Sequence using its index.
SwapStripFolders Swap the position of two StripFolder.
Play Start the Sequence playback.
Pause Pause the current Sequence playback.
Stop Stop the active Sequence and reset its playback time.
Seek Manually set the playback time of the active Sequence.
GetDuration Helper that returns the total duration of the current Sequence.
Update Manually force a Sequence frame update.


Callbacks Description
OnPlay Triggered when a Sequence starts playing.
OnResume Called when a Sequence was paused and the playback restart.
OnPause This callback is triggered when the Sequence State change to kPause.
OnStop Happend when the Sequence stops playing.
OnUpdate Called each time the Sequence is updated.

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