The animation is the base structure to allow Object and Scene to manage Action, Sequence and ActionController. Each of theses two resource have an internal Animation structure attached to them that allows you to control either statically or dynamically animations playback.

At runtime each animation elements that tagged as running is then handled by the Animator (Anm). that will process evaluate and update all queued structures of an animation that have been set to playback.

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Static Variables

Name Description
type The type of the underlying resource the animation belongs to (either an Object or a Scene).
action_count The number of actions available within the Animation structure.
sequence_count The total amount of Sequence the Animation structure contains.
actioncontroller_count How many ActionController are connected to the current Animation.
scene The Scene reference pointer where the Animation is attached.
object The underlying Object the current Animation structure belongs to.


Name Description
AddAction Add a new Action to the animation structure.
GetAction Retrieve a specific Action by its name.
GetActionAt Retrieve an Action based on its index.
GetActionIndex Get the index of a specific Action.
RemoveAction Remove a specific action from an animation.
RemoveActionAt Remove an action based on its index.
SwapActions Swap two actions based on their index.
AddActionController Create a new ActionController.
GetActionController Retrieve a specific ActionController using its name as key.
GetActionControllerAt Return the ActionController located at the specified index in the actioncontroller list.
GetActionControllerIndex Return the index of an ActionController.
RemoveActionController Remove a specific ActionController.
RemoveActionControllerAt Remove an ActionController by index.
SwapActionControllers Swap two existing actioncontrollers based on their index.
AddSequence Create a new Sequence.
GetSequence Retrieve a specific Sequence by its name.
GetSequenceAt Get an existing Sequence located at the index position received in parameter.
GetSequenceIndex Get the index of an existing Sequence.
SetSequenceIndex Move an existing Sequence to a different position.
RemoveSequence Remove an existing Sequence maintained by the current Animation.
RemoveSequenceAt Remove a sequence using its index.
SwapSequences Exchange the order of two sequences.
ActionsUpdate Manually update all the actions associated with the current Animation.
ActionControllersUpdate Force all actioncontrollers to be updated.
SequencesUpdate Tell the system to update all sequences contained in the Animation.

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