Asset that provides binary audio data to SoundSource. The sound buffer can either be streamed or statically loaded.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Parent Asset that maintain the SoundBuffer.
info Access the SoundBufferInfo that contains the active properties of the audio stream.
stream Raw binary audio Stream data.
sample_count Amounts of samples available to preview a waveform of the SoundBuffer inside the editor.


Name Description
BuildInfo Function that build and return the active SoundBufferInfo associated to the audio data stream.
BuildWaveform Utility function that builds the waveform of the current audio data contained in the SoundBuffer stream.
GetSample Return the closests audio sample for a specific playback time.


Information about the rate, number of channel and total time covered by the SoundBuffer.

Static Variables

Name Description
channels Amount of audio channel(s) contained in the audio Stream.
rate Playback rate of the audio Stream in Mhz.
total_time The total amount of playback time covered by the audio Stream where 1.0 = 1sec.


Structure representing a single waveform sample which contains the value for the left and right audio channel.

Static Variables

Name Description
left Sample value for the left audio channel.
right Sample value for the right audio channel.

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