A utility is also a Script at the exception that it can only be used by the editor. Utilities do not respond to the default built-in event system as a Script does; they only respond to the function Register() which is used as their main entry point.

They are ideal to create custom importers or any other type of tools that may or may not rely on the GUI and IDE modules of the editor.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Parent Asset responsible of the active Utility.
source Data Stream that contains the source code of the Utility.
nodetree Reference to the NodeTree used to visually code the Utility (if any).
breakpoint_count Number of active Breakpoint defined in the active Utility.


Name Description
activate_breakpoints Activate or de-activate all Breakpoint of the current Utility.


Name Description
GetBreakpoint Helper to return the Breakpoint at a specific line.
AddBreakpoint Add a Breakpoint to a specific line of the Utility source code.
SetBreakpoint Helper to enable or disable an existing Breakpoint placed within the Utility code.
RemoveBreakpoint Remove an existing Breakpoint using the line where is is defined as key.
UseNodes Enable or disable the use of a NodeTree for the current Utility.
IsUsingNodes Helper to determine wheter or not the current Utility is using a NodeTree.
Update Unlock the Utility from the debugger forcing its execution to continue.

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