A node tree is composed of multiple NodeBlock connected together. These connections will then converted internally to actual Lua or GLSL code internally. It is ideal for non-programmers as they can program visually with ease without the hassle of write any code. Using a node tree allow you to virtually create exactly the same type of code that a more savvy programmer will generate manually.

Scripting node trees can also be debugged the same as code (since basically a node tree will generate code). You can set breakpoints, step over, pause etc... while Ldb will display the code path by highlighting active nodes. For more information please refer to the Node View manual.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Parent Asset where the NodeTree is defined.
nodeblock_count Total amount of NodeBlock connected to the active NodeTree.
group_count Current amount of NodeGroup associated with the current NodeTree.
comment_count Number of Comment blocks maintained by the NodeTree.


Name Description
flags Bit mask generated out of NodeTree flags.


Name Description
Clear Clear the NodeTree and remove all NodeBlock, NodeGroup and Comment.
AddPlug Add a new NodePlug to the current NodeTree.
GetNodeBlockIndex Retrieve the current internal index of an existing NodeBlock connected to the active NodeTree.
SetNodeBlockIndex .
GetNodeBlockAt Retrieve a specific NodeBlock using its index as key.
RemoveNodeBlock Remove a specific NodeBlock.
RemoveNodeBlockAt Remove a NodeBlock at a specific index.
AddNodeGroup Create a new NodeGroup and attach it to the active NodeTree.
GetNodeGroup Retrieve a specific NodeGroup using its name as key.
GetNodeGroupAt Retrieve a NodeGroup using its internal index.
GetNodeGroupIndex Get the index of a specific NodeGroup.
RemoveNodeGroup Remove an existing NodeGroup from the NodeTree.
RemoveNodeGroupAt Remove a NodeGroup using its index as key.
AddComment Add a new Comment to the NodeTree.
AddComment Add a new Comment to the NodeTree (with custom color).
GetCommentAt Retrive an existing Comment by index.
GetCommentIndex Return the index of a Comment reference.
RemoveComment Remove an existing Comment from the NodeTree.
RemoveCommentAt Remove an existing Comment by index.
RemoveComment Return the index of the next root NodeBlock after the index specified.
GetPrevRoot Return the index of the previous root NodeBlock before the index specified.

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