Video Buffers are meant to be used in conjunction with a Video Texture. They provide the necessary Video data that will update the dynamic Texture at runtime.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Parent Asset where the VideoBuffer is defined.
info Access information about the current video data.
stream Access to the Stream where the raw video data is stored.


Name Description
BuildInfo Function that read and return the video stream data header.
BuildKeyframeList Precache a list of frames that allows the video stream to seek faster.


A structure that contains information about the VideoBuffer Stream such as the size, frame rate, total time etc...

Static Variables

Name Description
width Width of the video in pixels.
height Height of the video in pixel.
fps Frame rate of the video.
total_time Total duration of the video playback (1.0 = 1sec.).
total_frames Total amount of frames the video contains.

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