Action layers are used to separate a specific set of action clips. They are used in conjunction with a Controller asset and usually act a as sheet taking care of a specific body part which in turn is connected to a variable either controlled by the user or by AI. In example, it is common in a typical Controller setup to have a layer dedicated for the LowerBody (which can range from walk to jog to run) movements and another for the UpperBody movements (which can range from idle to aim to shoot).

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Static Variables

Name Description
controller Reference to the Controller where the ActionLayer is defined.
entry Reference to an exisiting ActionClip contained within the layer which act as its entry point.
actionclip_count The amount of ActionClip the active layer contains.
transition_count The number of Transition the active layer contains.
clipgroup_count The total amount of ClipGroup.
comment_count Represent the number of Comment the layer contains.
armature The current Armature connected to the active ActionLayer.
uid Unique id to globally identify the ActionLayer.


Name Description
name A unique name to identify the current ActionLayer within the Controller.
enabled Enable or disable the subsequent ActionLayer updates.
weight Controls the influence of the ActionLayer.


Name Description
SetArmature An optional Armature that allows the ActionLayer to only affect a subset of bones.
SetEntry Set the starting point of the ActionLayer.
AddActionClip Create a new ActionClip.
GetActionClip Return a specific ActionClip based on its name.
GetActionClipAt Return an ActionClip at a specific index.
GetActionClipIndex Return the index of a ActionClip.
RemoveActionClip Remove a specific ActionClip.
RemoveActionClipAt Remove an ActionClip using its index.
AddClipGroup Create a new ClipGroup to categorize and quickly retrieve multiple action clips at once.
GetClipGroup Retrieve a specific ClipGroup using its name.
GetClipGroupAt Retrieve a specific ClipGroup by index.
GetClipGroupIndex Retrieve the index of a ClipGroup.
RemoveClipGroup Remove a specific ClipGroup.
RemoveClipGroupAt Remove a specific ClipGroup using its index.
AddTransition Create a new Transition to dynamically change the machine state of the active layer.
GetTransition Get an existing Transition by its name.
GetTransitionAt Retrieve a specific Transition by its index.
GetTransitionIndex Retrieve the index of an existing Transition.
RemoveTransition Remove a specific Transition.
RemoveTransitionAt Remove a specific Transition using its index.
AddComment Create a Comment allowing you to categorize, label and manipulate multiple action clips at once.
GetComment Return a specific Comment based on its name.
GetCommentAt Return an Comment at a specific index.
GetCommentIndex Return the index of a Comment.
RemoveComment Remove an existing Comment.
RemoveCommentAt Remove a Comment using its index.

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