A controller is a re-usable Asset that allow you to create complex machine states to smoothly animate a Skeleton. They can either be controlled by AI (or by custom user logic); or directly by a game pad etc...

To make a Controller usable you first need to declare variables; theses variables will in turn drive the different Action states you wish to implement. Once created the next step would be to create a ActionLayer.

An ActionLayer is where all ActionClip are placed; each clip is created using a specific type (which will dictate how they handle the action(s) connected to them) that can connected to one or more Variable managed by the Controller / ActionController.

By updating the value of theses variables the machine state of will be updated and actions will start to interpolate, blend and/or mix existing action wich in turn will drive a Skeleton connected to a SkeletalMesh.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Parent Asset the active Controller is connected to.
variable_count Amount of Variable declared within the current Controller scope.
skeleton The Skeleton associated to the current Controller.
actionlayer_count Amount of ActionLayer associated with the active Controller.


Name Description
flags Bit mask to enable or disable Controller settings.


Name Description
SetSkeleton Set the Skeleton that the active Controller will control.
AddVariable Create a new Variable and attach it to the active Controller.
GetVariable Return an existing Variable reference.
GetVariableIndex Retrieve an existing Variable using its index as key.
GetVariableAt Retrieve an existing Variable using an index as key.
RemoveVariable Remove a specific Controller Variable.
RemoveVariableAt Remove an existing Variable using an index as key.
AddActionLayer Add a new ActionLayer to the active Controller.
GetActionLayer Retrieve an existing ActionLayer using its name as key.
GetActionLayerAt Get an existing ActionLayer at a specific index.
GetActionLayerIndex Get the internal index of an existing ActionLayer connected to a Controller.
SetActionLayerIndex Change the position in the stack of a specific ActionLayer.
SwapActionLayers Exchange the position of two existing ActionLayer.
RemoveActionLayer Remove a ActionLayer using its reference as key.
RemoveActionLayerAt Remove an ActionLayer using its index as key.

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