Audio presets allows you to save the active settings and current properties of soundsources, soundgroups and audioeffects. You can then use theses snapshots to restore the conditions of the soundsources and audioeffects using a single function call or tune up or down all the gain of the resources contained in a snapshot all at once. Optionally an edge can also created and used by the audiopreset to smoothly transition from one setup to another.

Using audiopresets you can easily transition and interpolate gain and settings between effects. Simple logic and mechanics can be implements so ie. when the camera is moving from one small room to a corridor to a large room the echo conditions changes. Further actions can be taken if ie. a door open or close; allowing you to transition the gain of the soundsources located inside the room (the one with the door) or by using audioeffects, modulate the level of low frequencies etc...

Take note that similar effect can be created directly using an AudioFilter.

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Static Variables

Name Description
scene The owner of the AudioPreset.
type The type of the current AudioPreset.
interpolate Indicates wether or not the AudioPreset can be interpolated.
uid Global unique id that identify the AudioPreset so it can be retrieved.


Name Description
name The name of the current AudioPreset.
gain Master gain that will be modulated with all other gain values contained in the AudioPreset snapshot.
transition Controls the interpolation between the snapshot base and its edge.


Name Description
ClearSnapshot Clear the snapshot data.
SaveSnapshot Create a new snapshot using the current AudioPreset.
RestoreSnapshot Restore an existing snapshot previously saved.
ClearInterpolation Force to clear the interpolation data.
Cleanup Remove all resources that are now inexistent but that are still part of the current snapshot (base and edge).


The types of AudioPreset.

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