Another type of Texture where you can place a square Texture on each face of a cube; once assembled you can sample the Cubemap in a shader using a normalized direction vector. Creating a Cubemap is as simple as creating a Texture at the exception that you will have to provide six separate Texture to map left, right, up, down as well as front and back. It is mostly used for environment mapping but can also be useful for a wide range of different effects.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset The parent Asset associated to the active Cubemap.
usage The current UsageType of the current Cubemap.
sampler Maintain the internal sampler parameters sent to the graphics engine when the Cubemap was created.


Name Description
options Bit mask of the current TexmapOptions used to generate the Cubemap.
byte Amount of bytes the Cubemap have been generated with.


Name Description
SetFace Assign a Texture to a specific face of the Cubemap.
GetFace Return the Texture used by a specific face.
Update Manually trigger an update (and an optional rebuild) of the Cubemap.
Generate Manually generate the necessary Texture space for the active Cubemap (kStatic type only).

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