A dynamic mesh a type of Mesh Object that have the ability to deform itself at runtime. There are two ways the mesh can change its topology; either by adding SoftBody physics or by adding multiple MorphTarget. Depending on the type of deformation you have predefined the DynamicMesh can be manually deformed ( when using MorphTarget) or dynamically deformed by SoftBody physics.

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Static Variables

Name Description
object Parent Object associated to the current DynamicMesh.
mesh The active Mesh currently connected to the DynamicMesh.
morphtarget_count Number of MorphTarget slots currently available.


Name Description
revision Internal revision number used by the system to rebuild the DynamicMesh when necessary.


Name Description
SetMesh Connect an existing Mesh to the active DynamicMesh.
SetMaterial Assign an existing Material to the current DynamicMesh.
CopyMaterials Copy the current Material settings from a RenderLayer to another.
GetMaterial Retrieve an existing Material assigned to a specific slot settings.
AddMorphTarget Create a new MorphTarget slot.
GetMorphTarget Retrieve a specific MorphTarget slot using its name as key.
GetMorphTargetAt Get an existing MorphTarget using its index as key.
GetMorphTargetIndex Return the index of a specific MorphTarget slot.
RemoveMorphTarget Remove an existing MorphTarget.
RemoveMorphTargetAt Remove a MorphTarget slot using its index as key.


Callbacks Description
OnDraw Triggered when the DynamicMesh is about to be sent on GPU for drawing.
OnDisplay Triggered right after the DynamicMesh is done drawing.

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