A morph target is a single entry slot attached to a DynamicMesh that allows you to specify what Mesh to blend (with the base Mesh attached to its parent DynamicMesh). Additional options can be specified to tell the system what type of vertex data should be blended.

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Static Variables

Name Description
dynamicmesh Underlying DynamicMesh that maintains the MorphTarget structure.
mesh Reference to the Mesh Asset that will be used for deformation.


Name Description
weight The interpolation between the MorphTarget and the DynamicMesh Mesh.
name A unique name to identify the MorphTarget within its parent DynamicMesh.
options Bit mask of MorphOptions that tell the internal system what data should be blended.


Name Description
SetMesh Assign a Mesh to the active MorphTarget.


Define which vertex properties will be blended when the MorphTarget is used by the DynamicMesh.

  • fPosition: Mix vertex positions.
  • fTexCoord0: Blend the first texture channel.
  • fTexCoord1: Blend the second texture channel.
  • fTexCoord2: Blend the third texture channel.
  • fTexCoord3: Blend the fourth texture channel.
  • fColor0: Interpolate the first color channel.
  • fColor1: Interpolate the second color channel.
  • fColor2: Interpolate the third color channel.
  • fColor3: Interpolate the fourth color channel.
Normals, tangents, and bi-normals will be blended and updated automatically in the event the position and/or texture coordinates are mixed.

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