A single block that specifies either an input (a variable) or an output (a function or operation); connected together they form a NodeTree. Node blocks are the visual representation of code and can be used to build Script, Utility and Shader. It is ideal to use for non-programmers and they act as interconnected building blocks allowing you to do virtually everything that a programmer's code will do.

From a programmer standpoint nodes can also be manually generated using Node Definition Tags (see Node Definition Tags). Using the NDT a programmer can then create its own node blocks from non-programmers to use based on its own Lua or GLSL code and functions.

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Static Variables

Name Description
nodetree Parent NodeTree where the active NodeBlock is defined.
group The active NodeGroup the current NodeBlock belongs to (if any).
nodelink_count Current amount of NodeLink the active NodeBlock contains.
nodeplug_count Total of NodePlug available in the current NodeBlock.
nodeinput_count Total amount of NodeInput available for the active NodeBlock.
nodeoutput_count Current total of NodeOutput maintained by the current NodeBlock.
catalog The catalog name where the NodeBlock is categorized.
name A unique name that identify the NodeBlock defined using NDT.


Name Description
flags Bit mask generated out of NodeBlock flags.
line_number The underlying line number the node is current present in the code.
dna Unique identifier that is generated based on the NodeBlock definition code.
location The location and scale of the NodeBlock in the Node Editor.


The function below is still exposed to the scripting and plugin interface however they are called automatically by the node generator. There is very little need for a programmer to directly use theses function; they are listed here mostly for reference purposes.

Name Description
AddLink Attach a new NodeLink to the active NodeBlock.
AddPlug Add a new NodePlug to the current NodeBlock.
AddInput Create a new NodeInput and attach it to the current NodeBlock.
AddOutput Add a new NodeOutput to the current NodeBlock.
ConnectLink Create a new NodeInput and attach it to the current NodeBlock.
DisconnectLink Disconnect an existing link.
ConnectOutput Connect an existing NodeOutput.
DisconnectOutput Disconnect an existing link.
DisconnectPlug Disconnect an existing NodePlug using its name key.
DisconnectAll Disconnect all possible connection to the active NodeBlock.


Special container designed to maintain and handle a variable or a list of predefined options (NodeList).

Static Variables

Name Description
type The VariableType associated to the active NodeValue.
_list Access the values of a NodeList variable.


Name Description
comment Specify a tool tip for the user.
range Specify the value range (the min. and max.) that can be manipulated by the NodeValue.
_bool Access the value of a boolean variable.
_int Access the value of an integer variable.
_float Access the value of a floating point variable.
_vec2 Access the value of a two dimensional vector.
_vec3 Access the value of a tri-dimensional vector variable.
_vec4 Access the value of a color or quaternion variable.
_string Access the value of string variable.


A structure that handles calls from one NodeBlock to another.

Static Variables

Name Description
nodeblock The destination NodeBlock the NodeLink is connected to.
name Unique name to identify the link.


A structure that handles input to a dedicated parameter usually part of a Lua or GLSL function.

Static Variables

Name Description
nodevalue Default NodeValue handled by the plug.
name Unique name to identify the plug.


A structure that handles an input variable.

Static Variables

Name Description
nodevalue Default NodeValue handled by the input.
name Unique name to identify the input.


A structure that handles a return value.

Static Variables

Name Description
nodevalue The NodeValue associated to the type of output data.
nodepin_count Amount of pins that correspond to the number of components handled by the output VariableType.
name Name to identify the NodeOutput.


Name Description
var_index Internal variable index assigned by the code generator.

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