Probes are visual objects that can perform render to texture operations; they are rendering offscreen to either a 2D texture (kPlanar) or a cube map (kEnvironment).

Probes can also either be static or dynamic; in the case of static the probe can be use as projector. If the the probe is dynamic it will capture the Scene around it at a capture rate that can be specified by the user (in Mhz).

They are ideal to create effects such as reflections, projectors, shadow maps (either simple or cascading as well as point light shadow maps by using cube maps) or to simulate (ie) surveillance cameras that record a different part of the scene or used for Physical Based Rendering etc...

When they are placed on a RenderLayer that does not have any Camera attached they will indicate that this layer will have to be treated as a Probe Pass; as a result the layer will draw the scene from the point of view of all active dynamic probes located on it.

If a RenderLayer does have a Camera and a Probe are present within the RenderLayer will draw first the probes and then proceed with regular drawing. It is good practice thought to place all probes on a single render layer (that does not have a camera attached) and process them all in batch instead of scattering them on multiple layers.

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Static Variables

Name Description
object Parent Object where the Probe is declared.
dynamic Reference to the ProbeDynamic structure where the dynamic data of the Probe is stored.
sampler Reference to Sampler used by the active Probe.


Name Description
probe_type The current ProbeType the active Probe is set to.
flags Bit mask of options the Probe is currently using.


Name Description
SetDynamic Toggle on/off the Probe dynamic capabilities.
SetTexture Connect an existing Texture Sampler to the active Probe.
SetCubemap Connect an existing Cubemap Sampler to the active Probe.
SetCapture Specify/update the active Capture settings for each axis.
GetCapture Retrieve the current Capture settings for a specific FaceType.


Events available when an Object is a Probe.

Callbacks Description
OnDraw This event is triggered just before the Probe is ready to draw a FaceType.
OnDisplay Triggered right after the Probe draw calls have been sent to GPU.


Properties available when the Probe dynamic functionalities have been enabled.

Static Variables

Name Description
camera Reference to the Camera that will be used for capture.
framebuffer Reference to the internal FrameBuffer used by the Probe dynamic functionalities.


Name Description
lens_type Controls the LensType the internal Probe Camera.
renderlayer_mask Bit mask of RenderLayer cap that controls which layer should be captured by the Probe.


Active capture settings properties.

Static Variables

Name Description
enabled Determine if a face is actively capturing or not.
fps The current capture rate (in Mhz) a specific face is using.
view_matrix The view matrix used by the Camera to render the current face.
projector_matrix Projector matrix calculated for the active capture FaceType.


Name Description
enabled Last time the Capture was re-evaluated.
sync_time Last time the Capture was re-evaluated.


Constant values that tell the system what type of Capture the Probe should effectuate.

  • kEnvironment: Specify that the probe will be used to either project or capture a Cubemap (six two-dimensional Texture; one for each face of the cube).
  • kPlanar: Specify that the probe will be used to either project or capture a two-dimensional Texture.

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