A skeleton (aka. "rig") is a re-usable Asset defined as a hierarchical set of interconnected articulated joints that define the "skin" of a Mesh. Mostly used to deform organic Mesh such as humans skeletons can also be used to animate the deformation of any type of objects such as a door, a cannon, branches on a tree etc...

Skeletons may not be hierarchical or interconnected and simply represents a higher level of description to describe a motion driven by an Action, or simply the part of the Mesh that need to be influenced.

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Static Variables

Name Description
asset Reference to the parent Asset where the Skeleton data is contained.
mesh Reference to the Mesh that the active Skeleton will deform.
joint_count Total amount of Joint contained within the active Skeleton hierarchy.
localbounds Raw LocalBounds data of the Skeleton before transformation.


Name Description
SetMesh Connect an existing Mesh to the active Skeleton.
GetJoint Helper to retrieve an existing Joint by name.
GetJointIndex Retrieve the internal index of a specific Joint associated to the current Skeleton.
RenameJoint Helper function to rename a specific Joint using its index as key.
VerifyMesh Helper to verify if a specific Mesh can be deformed by the current Skeleton.
GetJointAt Return a Joint reference using its index as key.
AllocJoints Manually allocate an array of Joint.
SetJoint Manually set a specific Joint properties.
CalculateLocalBounds Manually force to recalculate the LocalBounds of the Skeleton.


Describes how the movement between two body parts attached to a Skeleton move in relation to each other. Each Joint is described by a name which acts as a unique identifier, a relation index to its parent Joint (if any) and a 4x4 transformation (aka. bind_matrix) which represent its resting position.

Static Variables

Name Description
name Current name of the active Joint.
parent_index Parent Joint index (if any); -1 if root.
bind_matrix 4x4 matrix to define the resting transformation of the Joint.

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