SkeletalMeshes are a type of mesh that receive deformation based on a Skeleton that is attached to it. Based on an Animation sequence the Skeleton bones and joints are animated and as a result, deform the vertices of the Mesh attached to it.

They are useful to animated characters as well as other types of objects in your scenes that require deformation. The API interface below allows you to gain full control over the Bone created upon association with a Skeleton, as well the Pose and support Action re-targeting.

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Static Variables

Name Description
object Reference to the parent Object responsible of maintaining the SkeletalMesh data.
skeleton The active Skeleton connected to the active SkeletalMesh.
bone_count Total amount of Bone the SkeletalMesh contains (based on the Skeleton connected to it).


Name Description
SetSkeleton Connect an existing Skeleton to the current SkeletalMesh.
SetMaterial Assign an existing Material to the current SkeletalMesh.
CopyMaterials Copy the current Material configuration from a RenderLayer to another.
GetMaterial Retrieve the Material reference associated with a RenderLayer configuration for a specific primitive.
GetBone Manually set the list index of an existing RenderLayer.
GetBoneIndex Return the index of a specific Bone reference associated to the current SkeletalMesh.
GetBoneAt Helper function that returns the Bone reference using its index as key.
SetBindPose Reset the SkeletalMesh bones back to the default position of its connected Skeleton.
CalculatePose Manually force to recalculate vertex data of the SkeletalMesh driven by its connected Skeleton.
UpdatePose Manually force an update of all Bone pose matrix and optionally update the physic bounds connected to them.
HaveSelection Helper to determine of the active SkeletalMesh have some Bone selected.
RetargetAction Retarget an existing Action from the active SkeletalMesh to another.
GetPose Helper to retrieve the active Pose of the current SkeletalMesh.
SetPose Transfer an existing Pose to the active SkeletalMesh.


Callbacks Description
OnDraw Triggered when the SkeletalMesh is ready to draw.
OnDisplay Called right after the SkeletalMesh is done drawing.
OnBegin Occur right after the SkeletalMesh pose have been updated.
OnEnd This event is triggered after the final bone pose and skin have been evaluated.

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