A static mesh is a type of mesh that cannot be deformed. It is usually used to represent static geometry within a level (ie walls, floors etc...). StaticMeshes can contain multiple levels of details which have to be manually set by the user. At runtime based on the switching method selected by the user, a specific LOD will automatically be selected based on the Camera distance relative to the static Mesh position in space.

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Static Variables

Name Description
object Parent Object where the StaticMesh component is attached.
lod_count Total amount of level of details specified for the active StaticMesh.
group Current SoundGroup the active StaticMesh belongs to (if any).
lod_base Specify the highest level of details that can be used.


Name Description
lod_method Specify the LODMethod to adopt to calculate which LOD should be displayed.


Name Description
AddLOD Create a new LOD slot.
SetMesh Connect a Mesh to an existing LOD slot.
GetMesh Helper that returns the Mesh reference associated to a specific slot.
SetMaterial Assign an existing Material to the current StaticMesh.
GetMaterial Retrieve the Material assigned to a specific slot settings.
CopyMaterials Copy the current Material settings from a RenderLayer to another.
SetDistance Specify the distance to use for the LOD slot.
RemoveLOD Remove a specific LOD slot.
SwapLODs Swap two existing LOD slot.
GetLOD Helper function that returns the LOD index for a specific clip end.
SetBase Set the base LOD index to use internally each time the StaticMesh Geometry is needed.


Callbacks Description
OnDraw Triggered when the StaticMesh is ready for drawing.
OnDisplay Occurs right after the StaticMesh draw call return.


Available types of speaker that dictate the way the StaticMesh propagate sounds in your world.

  • kClipEndRatio: Use the active Camera distance (in units) against the StaticMesh Object distance to determine which LOD should be used.
  • kCustomRatio: Similar as kClipEndRatio at the exception that you get to specify the ratio (clamped from 0.0 to 1.0) for each slice.
  • kCustomDistance: This method allows you to specify the max. distance you want for each LOD to be displayed.

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