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NRG v2021.3.373334
Posted on: Sep. 14 2021 02:12 am
The new version of NRG is scheduled to be out in a few days and will be available from your account download section, tons of bug fix, improvement and new features. Find below the changelog for this new version:

- Fix EXR and HDR format loading.
- Added 32bits float depth attachment.
- Cubemap Static Dialog can now create blank Cubemaps.
- New OffsetDirection Constraint; use the direction of on Object to offset based on a specific distance.
- Improved KTX compatibility and consistency.
- ThemeImageLoad and ThemeImageInfo cleanup and refactor.
- Ability to now let the user set the projection_matrix of a Camera or Probe manually.
- Camera Orthographic now have various presets of the most common usage and the ability to setup the projection manually.
- SetConstraint & SetQuaternionConstraint now have the ability to select which axis will be affected.
- Added support for user based Shader uniform array.
- New FrameBuffer Attachment support for Texture2DArray and Texture3D.
- Improved Budget Profile mode improvements and now have the ability to sample each object and display both CPU and GPU time statistics per-renderlayer.
- The Library|Asset Menu now have the ability to automatically append existing assets from another NRG project without having to reload or fix links.
- Improved ThemeImageGenerateSignedDistanceFields function.
- Advanced COLLADA Import Presets functionalities.
- Users can now have access to the new internale Material Preset APIs.
- PhysicObjects can now change their base friction and restitution directly without the use of PhysicMaterial callbacks.
- New Elliptic transformation constraint.
- New LayerPresets to assign material automatically when importing Objects based on a substring contained in the primitive(s) name.
- Shaders can now automatically transfer uniform variables to the current Object selection.
- Route now have the ability to automatically be re-evaluated on Connection, Obstacle and Zone changes.
- Navigation refactorization, improvements and optimization.
- Faster Occluder/Occlusion mechanism.
- OnCollide callback now include the distance between the two PhysicObjects.
- Tons of minor bugs fixed, improved stability, consistency around the editor and other various overall adjustments.

In addition all new version of the Editor Manual and the API Documentation are now available.