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  • Cross Platform Dev.

    Based on OpenGL ES and the OpenGL GL_ARB_ESx compatibility extensions; with NRG all you have to do is to select the core API that is suitable for your project.

    Then, write your code once and run it on desktop and mobile environments without any changes; regardless of the GPU or CPU (either by Lua scripting or low-level C/C++).
  • Asset Pipeline

    Supported by most 3D software, NRG provides native COLLADA and glTF v2.0 (PBR) support to import your 3D assets. To import your work into your project use material presets to connect your assets to specific shaders, scripts and to look up textures. Both importer provides support for objects, materials, textures, animations automatic or manual LODs generation and more...
  • Physics

    Bullet Physics is embedded within NRG; using either C/C++ or Lua you have access to all capabilities of the library.

    Easily integrate realistic soft-body, rigid-body dynamics, kinematics, physics material. Bullet also includes discrete and continuous collision detection, raycasting, constraints, advanced mesh support, vehicles, and more.
  • Universal Build System

    Written mostly in C with no third-party dependencies you can rebuild the entire NRG ecosystem on any platform. At its core, the build system is using Cmake for all native builds and is also supported by all popular C/C++ IDE such as Visual Studio, CLion, etc.
  • Editor & Sandbox

    Available for all major platforms (including tablet) the NRGeditor and its sandbox allows you to build, debug and profile on one or multiple devices simultaneously. Using the exclusive toolset provided by the editor stay in total control while accelerating iterations.
  • Programmable Renderer

    Create your renderer tailored for your project. Use render layers on probes, framebuffers, or the back buffer; accumulate results and compose the final image. Select between using pure GLSL ES fragment or compute shaders; or dynamic nodes.
  • Fast Iterations

    Speed up your workflow and iterations by changing the edit mode level of your app. Choose between offline building, simulation, or play mode; create, build, test, and debug on one or multiple devices simultaneously in real time.
  • Coding System

    Choose the way you want to access the NRG API! Select between visual coding using nodes, code manually in Lua or GLSL using the built-in code editor and debugger, or simply use your favorite C/C++ IDE to create and debug high-performance plugins.
  • AI & Pathfinding

    Powered by Recast & Detour, NRG provides an easy-to-use interface to handle navigation mesh construction for real-time pathfinding and spatial reasoning. Create with ease off-line mesh connections, dynamic obstacles, navigation zones, and sectors.
  • Destruction Framework

    Working in parallel with the physics engine the built-in destruction framework can break any type of solid geometry. Choose to either break them manually by creating intersection with other geometry; or select the following preset: Voronoi, chunks, chips, or slices.
  • Modular Particle Effects

    Code manually or by using a visual modular approach to create life-like particles effects such as sparks, dust, fog, fire, or lightning just to name a few. For more complex effects, you can even combine multiple emitters and create more realistic networks of particles.
  • OpenAL Audio & SFX

    With native HRTF support; create a high level of immersion for your projects. Create ambient and punctual sound sources and use filters, special FX, snapshots, and audio presets to build real-world acoustic properties and environmental sound propagation.
  • Integrated Profiler

    Built-in within the editor the profiler displays in real time its information on top of the View 3D. Receive direct feedback while running your project about the usage of the CPU and GPU memory and processing usage, Audio Mixer, Budget, or dedicated resources frame time.
  • Cinematic Editing

    Use a similar set of tools as movie professionals to create short films and stunning in-game cinematics. 100% nonlinear, the sequencer allows you to direct complex animation sequences with ease. Control actors, cameras, audio, lighting, and video FX.
  • Animation Framework

    Obtain maximum flexibility with the unique animation framework in NRG not only allows you to playback pre-recorded curves; but also allows you to animate everything; manually or automatically (using the built-in recorder) any property, physics, and even user variables.
  • Machine State Controller

    Visually create complex machine state networks to control NPC characters (either for a single body or for multiple body parts) and to handle complex event-based animations. Each controller can be used by one or multiple animation components.
  • Flexible Interface

    Build and customize your interface to fit your requirements! Create your workspace, split it into rows and columns in a way that you see fit; each cell can hold multiple tabs where each of them is associated with a different editor or same editor but in a different view.
  • Scriptable Interface

    Create your utilities, add-ons, plugins, or expand current editor functionalities. Access the same GUI, Theme, and IDE API as the editor developers and create your own set of tools to run alongside the editor.
  Next Release
   Focus on bug fix, stability, minor improvements and learning.

Editor & Sandbox
  Future Release
   Focus on functionalities, performance and upgrades.

Editor & Sandbox
Navigation & AI
Molecules System
Audio & Video
Destruction Framework
Core Systems
  Research and Development
   Driven by internal and community requests.

Editor & Sandbox
Navigation & AI
Molecules System
Destruction Framework
Core Systems
Take note that the current state of an item can be determined based on the state of its icon (either opened or closed). In addition; the research and development items listed above are constantly subject to changes based on the current internal requirements, the NRG community, and current industry standards and trends.