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NRG v2022.2.380740
Posted on: Jun. 10 2022 07:27 pm
[ 2022.2.380740 ]

- GLTF now import _LOD0 as base.
- EnergyField distance attenuation calculation fix.
- New interpolation methods added.
- Multiple minor fixes, performance improvements and optimization.
- New reduction system to generate LODs offline.
- Adaptive Micro-Displacement (AdaptiveMesh v2.0)
- New scene partition system to handle large scenes with multiple data layers.
- Additional scene debug drawings.
- Default config prioritize application path.
- Embedded self-publishing functionalities.
- Import glTF extra as Object properties.
- CurvePicker can now edit a local curve.
- New Vertex Paint tool.
- New Vertex Sculpting tool.
- Out of the box C/C++ Scripting.
- EnergyFields attenuation now match OpenAL models.
- Geometry optimization for large mesh and new functionalities.
- Standardized build system based on CMake with Git and VScode compatibility.
- Hundreds of bug fix, stability improvements and overall performance boost.