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Ubuntu 22 - NRGeditor not launching
Posted on: Dec. 31 2022 05:39 pm
I installed the NRGeditor from the snap store, however, it won't launch.

Are their additional installs or commands that need to be executed to get the software to load up?

When I attempt to start it, I will get a quick flash of some random small window, and then nothing.

Re: Ubuntu 22 - NRGeditor not launching
Posted on: Jan. 14 2023 10:56 pm
If the NRGeditor doesn't start using the native launcher on your linux distro. (for some reason) simply access the path directly and launch it manually from the command line. Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and type the following:

cd /snap/nrgeditor/current/


In addition make sure that the following permissions are enabled:


Let me know if it work for you...

Alternatively you can grab a copy of the latest version of the NRGeditor for Ubuntu from our download section: My Account (up right hover your username) > Downloads
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