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NRG provides you specialized tools to gain direct access to low levels APIs through a thin comprehensive abstraction layer for you to start building on. Gain some serious re-usable skills by learning how to build from scratch state-of-the-art Games and Interactive Apps.
An Engine to Create Engines
Develop your Handbuilt 3D Engine with NRG and achieve better performance than any other all-in-one solutions out there. Written in pure C our Non-Linear Programmable Core can be accessed via Lua or directly in pure C/C++ and produce lightweight, lightning-fast native stand-alone executables.
Designed to be Customizable
Create Epic Visual Moments! Using a unique modular approach under the hood; only what you need is part of your App. No dependencies or external packages are required. NRG runs at full speed 100% natively on all supported platforms and produces output at a fraction of the size than any other solution out there!
Modular Featherlight Framework
Use NRG to develop your very own Customized Rendering Graphics Engine tuned precisely for your project. Achieve better performance than the competition by creating your GPU rendering pipeline tailored specifically for your application's need and optimized for your targeted platforms.
Programmable Rendering Pipeline
Built for rapid prototyping and to handle projects of any size, with NRG you can develop, code, build, profile and debug your App. on one or multiple platforms simultaneously in realtime. Once you App. ready you can publish it as a native C/C++ standalone executable or as an add-on for another external project.
Build From the Ground Up
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