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Official Statement
We at are deeply saddened to hear that Our Machinery is closing up shop. They were truly an inspiration to us and one of the few active engines out there that adopt the very same design philosophy that we spent the last 10 years implementing into NRG. Especially us at NRG we couldn't know better that developing a fully customizable engine isn't easy and involve a lot of hard work... With that being said; we have dedicated the last decade to developing our solution based on that exact same concept and programming methodology.

Behind all the tears and hard work we've been through we are proud of what NRG has become; it is ultra-lightweight, modular, 100% hackable, lightning fast, and optimized for any type of development. We are confident that for all the Our Machninery users you will find common grounds using NRG, and we will not back down pushing ourselves to provide you with the best development tools to achieve your vision! Regardless of the difficulties that Our Machinery has encountered, for the sake of keeping this unique development approach and the continuous quest of keeping such type of community alive, we have made the following decision.

How can I transfer my The Machinery Subscription to NRG?
Step #1. Make sure you have an NRG developer account so we can transfer the subscription. If you do not already have one Register as a new NRG developer.

Step #2. Contact us via Discord or by Email and send us what type subscription plan you have purchased for The Machinery and we will automatically transfer you the closest equivalent NRG subscription within 2 to 5 working days; for FREE no questions asked!

If you require further assistance, have any questions or want more information; please do not hesitate to contact us directly on Discord, by Email or by posting on our Forums. If you are not familiar with NRG but like The Machinery, we can guarantee you with 100% confidence that will LOVE NRG and its ecosystem!
** Take note that this offer is only available for a limited time (from 01/08/22 ~ 22/08/22) for a limited amount of applicants.