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How do I load the Learning Projects in the NRGeditor? [Solved]
Asked by: nrgmaster on May. 02 2021 02:36 pm Viewed: 3.3k times.
I've downloaded the NRGstation and the NRGshowroom, how can I load the projects inside the NRGeditor?
nrgeditor project nrgstation nrgshowroom
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Answered by: nrgmaster on May. 02 2021 03:34 pm Edited on: Oct. 27 2021 11:42 am
Each application of the NRG family will create a settings directory at the root of the user home. So in example the NRGeditor will create a directory named .NRGeditor, the NRGviewer will create .NRGviewer and so on... to reset the settings to its original state simply remove the directory.
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