An action controller is a bit like a Handler it allows you to connect existing Controller to an existing resource. Once connected to Controller will propagate its variables to the resources to insure proper machine state execution. Based on the behaviours defined by the ActionClip the Controller will be evaluated independently based on the values of the variables value of the resource it is connect with. In other words the action controller act like a bridge between the resource and the Controller keeping an independent machine state via the ActiveClip structure.

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Static Variables

Name Description
animation The underlying Animation structure the current ActionController is connected to.
controller The Controller asset the ActionController is connected with.
handler The Handler structure to handle the scripts connected to the current ActionController.
uid A unique id to identify globally the current ActionController.
terminated Determine whether or not the current action controller state is set to terminated.


Name Description
fps Controls the update rate; how many times per second the ActionController should be updated.
speed The playback speed that will be used as the delta time multiplier when updating the ActionController.
name A unique name to identify the ActionController within the Animation.
enabled Enable or disable the ActionController; if disabled the system will stop updating it.
sync_time Last time the ActionController was re-evaluated.


Name Description
SetController Connect or disconnect a Controller asset.
SetState Force the ActionController to a specific state.
Restart Force the ActionController to restart to its original machine state.
GetVariable Retrieve the local resource (object or scene) Variable defined inside the Controller.
GetActiveClip Retrieve the active machine state structure for a specific ActionLayer.
Update Manually update the ActionController.


Callbacks Description
OnEnter Occur each time the ActionController is entering a new state.
OnLeave This event is triggered each time the ActionController leave its current state.
OnState This callback is triggered every time the active machine state is updated.
OnUpdate Called everytime the ActionController is updated.


Represent the active machine state maintained internally for an ActionController for each of its ActionLayer.

Static Variables

Name Description
previous The previous ActionClip current state was derived or interpolated from (else nil).
previous_time The playback time maintained by the previous ActionClip state.
actionclip The active Controller machine state for the action ActionController.
playback_time The current playback time of the active machine state ActionClip.
transition The active transition the machine state is currently processing (if any, else nil).
transition_duration The active Transition duration (if any, else 0).
transition_source The ActionClip the action machine state Transition was triggered from.
blend Represents the interpolation ratio between the current and previous ActionClip based on the active Transition duration.
blend_time The active interpolation time that is progressively incremented in order to reach the transition_duration.

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