A strip is a single block part of a Sequence. It starts and ends at a specific playback time during the Sequence. Based on the type of StripGroup, the active Strip is defined in it will respond to the behaviors dictated by the StripGroupType.

Strips come in multiple flavors; director, that allows you to control the active Camera during the Sequence playback.

Audio, which gives you the opportunity to add sounds such as background music or effects.

Activity allows you to controls the Action for a certain Animation associated with an Object or other resources part of the Sequence.

Trigger; run a Script or a custom scripting common at a specific point of the Sequence either once or continuously.

Conversation, give you the opportunity to create subtitles or to progressively display Text during the Sequence playback.

With SubSequence you can run another Sequence on top of the active Sequence.

And finally Creator, that can create and destroy Entity during the Sequence playback.

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Static Variables

Name Description
section Parent section where the Strip is defined.
data Access the StripData properties available to the Strip based on the StripGroupType it is associated to.
curve_in Access to the blend in Curve properties of the Strip.
curve_out Access to the blend out Curve properties of the Strip.
uid Unique id to globally identify the active Strip.


Name Description
start_time Constrol the start time position of the Strip within the Sequence.
end_time Control the end time position of the Strip within the Sequence.
auto_blend Enable or disable auto blending behavior of the Strip.
blend_in Linear interpolation time when the Strip is blending in.
blend_out Linear interpolation time when the Strip is blending out.
state Control the active StripState of the active Strip.
name A unique name to identify the Strip within its parent StripGroup.


Name Description
SetSoundBuffer Connect an existing SoundBuffer to the active Strip.
SetScript Connect an existing Script Asset to the current Strip.
SetEntity Connect an existing Entity Asset to the current Strip.
SetCommand Manually set a scripting command to the active Strip.
SetString Assign a text/subtitle string to be used by the Strip.
GetAction Retrieve the Action associated to the active Strip.
GetSequence Helper to retrieve the underlying Sequence the current Strip is associated to.
GetEntityObject Help to retrieve the Object reference created by an kCreator Strip.
OverlapLeft Return the index of the Strip that currently overlap the active Strip on its left side.
OverlapRight Return the index of the Strip that currently overlap the active Strip on its right side.
Update Manually trigger a Strip update.


Callbacks Description
OnTrigger Event called by a Strip of the type kTrigger when its playback position is reached; or its called recursively if the Strip settings force a constant command execution.


Access the available properties of an active Strip based on its current StripGroupType.

Static Variables

Name Description
group Reference to the StripGroup the active StripData is connected to.
director Access the StripDirector properties of a kDirector Strip.
audio Access the StripAudio properties of a kAudio Strip.
activity Access the StripActivity properties of a kActivity Strip.
trigger Access the StripTrigger properties of a kTrigger Strip.
conversation Access the StripConversation properties of a kConversation Strip.
subsequence Access the StripSubSequence properties of a kSubsequence Strip.
creator Access the StripCreator properties of a kCreator Strip.


Controls which Camera should be used during the sequence playback.

Static Variables

Name Description
camera Unique id of the Camera Object to use during the Strip execution.
listener Control wheter or not the Camera should be used as Listener.


Allows you to create virtual SoundSource to play SoundBuffer either in 2D or 3D, control pan, volume, and AudioEffect.

Static Variables

Name Description
soundbuffer Current SoundBuffer connected to the audio Strip.
repeat_count Amount of times the SoundBuffer have been looped.


Name Description
start_time Starting playback time (1.0 = 1sec.) of the SoundBuffer associated to the StripAudio.
end_time Ending playback position of the SoundBuffer connected to the active StripAudio.
curve Curve to control the gain of the virtual SoundSource during the Strip playback.


Controls the Action of a specific Animation. It is used to animate characters, Object in other words to animate existing actions.


Name Description
action Unique id of the Action associated with the active Strip.
start_time Specify the start time of the Action connected to the Strip.
end_time Specify the end time of the Action connected to the Strip.
scale Scale factor of the Action connected to the Strip.
influence The amount of influence (or weight) the Action connected to the active Strip will have on the Animation.
actuators Enable or disable the actuators connected to the Action connected to the Strip.


Run a script, a function or custom command either at a specific point in the sequence time or continuously during the Strip playback.

Static Variables

Name Description
script Current Script connected to the trigger Strip.
error Boolean value triggered by an error that happen either in the Script or the command associated with the Strip.


Name Description
continuous Determine wheter or not the Script or the command should executed on each Strip update.
end_time Scripting command to execute (in the event that a Script is not used).


Provides an easy way to create subtitles or to update the string of Text Object either statically or progressively during the Sequence playback.


Name Description
script Control wheter or not the string of Text specified should be intepolated based on the Strip total duration.
string String of Text to use during the Strip duration.


Embed an existing Sequence within the active Sequence. Take note that this type of Strip cannot be resized since they are strictly based on the time of the external Sequence connected.


Name Description
sequence Unique id of Sequence to connect to the active Strip.
speed Control the speed of the sub Sequence connected to the active Strip.


Create and destroy Entity Asset during the Sequence playback. This is the type of StripGroup to use if your Sequence requires dynamic Object to be created during the Sequence runtime.

Static Variables

Name Description
entity The current Entity connected to the active Strip.
object Reference to the Object created by the Entity during the Strip playback.


Name Description
target Unique id of the Object you wish to attach the Entity to.
target_bone If the target is a SkeletalMesh this variable specifies the Bone index the Entity should be parented to.
placement Specify the PlacementMode when the Entity gets created.


Available flags that can be combined to represent the cumulative selection state of a Strip.

  • fRangeNotSelected: Center area of the Strip is not selected.
  • fStartTimeSelected: Flag representing that the Strip start time is selected (left side).
  • fEndTimeSelected: Flag representing that Strip end time is selected (right side).
  • fBlendInSelected: Represent that the blend in an area of the Strip is selected (upper left side).
  • fBlendOutSelected: Represent that the blend out area of the Strip is selected (upper right side).
  • fRangeSelected: Flag to toggle if the center area of the Strip is selected.

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