Ability Defines a of action (ie walk, crawl or jump) that can be performed during navigation and pathfinding.
Action A single action connected to an Animation.
ActionClip A node attached to an ActionLayer that allows you to control motions or the current machine state of that same layer.
ActionController Structure allowing you to connect Controller to an Object or a Scene.
ActionLayer Manage multiple machine state for a specific working set of ActionClip. It is usually used to separate/categorize the state of a specific type (such as UpperBody, LowerBody, LeftArm, RightArm etc...) defined within a Controller.
AdaptiveMesh AdaptiveMeshes have pre-defined LODs generated procedurally; each LOD contains the necessary information to adjust the mesh topology either based on the number of pixels on displayed screen or by setting a triangle ratio.
AnchorConstraint Point to point constraint for SoftBody.
AngularJointConstraint SoftBody constraint that controls its angular motion
Animation Base structure that allows you to manipulate Action.
Application Module containing I/O functionalities, events definition as well as other enumerations globally used by the core.
Armature Specify a mask to exclude or include on bones and joints while playing an Action.
Asset The base structure for all global resources.
AudioEffect Asset used to simulate acoustic and psychoacoustic effects found in the real worlk by modulating presetted frequencies of the final audio output.

Asset capabale to attenuates various sound frequencies.

AudioPreset Allows you to snapshot the current settings and parameters of a working set of sounds, effect or sounds and effects. Once saved the preset can be restored or interpolated.
BallConstraint Point to point constraint attached to a RigidBody.
Bone Structure used by SkeletalMesh to interact with its associated Skeleton limbs.
Camera Base data structure that handle drawing either in 2d or 3d as well as on screen or off screen via a frame buffer.
Channel Structure that manage the state, settings and various properties of an active Curve.
ClipGroup Consolidate multiple ActionClip into a single group.
Collider An invisible shape attached to a PhysicObject that will be used during physics simulation.
CollisionLayer A place holder to consolidate multiple physic objects.
ColorBand Gradient like Texture where each color key can be set along a band.
ColorVector Type of Texture that uses Curve to control each color component.
Comment Rectangular bounds that allows you consolidate multiple nodes.
Connection Allow agents to jump from one point to another on a navigation Map.
Constraint Transformation constraint applied on the matrix of an Object.
Controller Allow you to create machine states to transition between existing Skeleton Action.
Cubemap Six separate square textures to represent the reflections on an object from its environment.
Curve Generic structure to store Keyframe data and playback settings.
Distribution Generic interface to spread numbers.
DynamicMesh Type of mesh that have a dynamic topology that changes at runtime.
EnergyField Generic attractors for Object and Particles.
Entity An Asset that creates a prefab Object.
FixedConstraint Act as a single, static attachment point RigidConstraint.
Font Additional data attached to a Texture to handle bitmap based fonts.
Fracture An asset that defines how a Mesh should break.
FracturedMesh Special type of Mesh Object that can be destroyed.
FrameBuffer Redirect render results directly to a Texture.
GenericConstraint All-in-one rigid body constraint.
Geometry Foundation of all Mesh; allowing you to manipulate primitives and vertex data.
Graphics Generic constants and enumerants used by the graphics APIs.
Handler Manage the scripting threads associated to a resource.
HingeConstraint Rigid Body physics constraint allowing you to simulate hinges such as the one found on door and windows.
LightSource Type of Object that handles common light settings.
LinearJointConstraint Constraint a SoftBody linear movements.
LvmThread Provides a stand-alone environment to run a Script asset.
Map Structure that specify the walkable areas acessible for a specific agent.
Material Define the substance to apply on triangles in order to draw them on screen.
Mesh Storage for vertex data.
MorphTarget Interface that allows you to deform/combine Mesh at runtime.
Navigation Base module that enables navigation and pathfinding operations for a Scene.
NodeBlock Single node entry that allows you to form a NodeTree.
NodeGroup Structure to classify multiple NodeBlock.
NodeList Manage a list of options used by a NodeValue.
NodeTree Architecture of NodeBlock used for visual coding.
Object Basic entity that can represents cameras, static geometries, dynamic geometries, skeletal meshes, sounds, lights, occluders, 3d texts or a particle systems.
ObjectGrid Partition an ObjectGroup into ObjectCell.
ObjectGroup Structure that allows you to consolidate multiple Object into one group.
ObjectCell Representation of a single cell in a ObjectGrid.
Obstacle Dynamic navigation obstacle that can affect one or multiple Map.
Occluder An invisible Mesh that is used to run occlusion queries on GPU.
ParticleData Particle data types definition.
ParticleEmitter Emit particles at a specific point on within a shape.
ParticleModifier Building block to implement particles behaviors.
ParticleNetwork A reusable Asset that defines how Particles attached to a ParticleSystem behave.
Particles Access active particles properties and data arrays.
ParticleSystem A type of Object that allows you to launch particles in space using an existing ParticleNetwork Asset.
Path A re-usable Asset that consists of a tri-dimensional curve made of controls points.
PhysicMaterial Asset that controls the surface properties of a PhysicObject.
PhysicObject Component to add physics to an Object.
PinConstraint Type of SoftConstraint that allows you to pin a specific node in space restricting its movement.
Pose Interface allowing you to manipulate the active pose(s) of a SkeletalMesh.
Probe Render a Scene from a different point of view and store the result in a Texture or Cubemap.
Profiler List of all Profiler mode available.
Ray A type of Object that allows you to raycast a Scene, a Map or a physic World.
Region Shape in space that detects when an Object enter, leave or overlap its bounds.
RenderLayer Structure that defines a render pass.
RigidBody Component that allows your PhysicObject to respond to rigid body physics.
RigidConstraint Base structure that maintains the properties of a specific RigidConstraintType.
Route Type of Object that are use to place an existing Path in space; or to dynamically compute one (Map).
Sampler Handles the various visual settings and parameters of a Texture Asset.
Scene A single level where you can place objects to create your worlds.
Script Asset used to store user code and logic.
Sensor Act as a radar detecting the neighbors of an Object.
Sequence A sequence is an Animation component that allows you to create cinematic-like cutscenes at runtime.
Shader Asset used to write GPU shader code.
Shard Access the properties of a destructed fragment of a FracturedMesh
SkeletalMesh Type of Object that allows realtime deformation driven by a Skeleton.
Skeleton Hierarchy of joints allowing you drive the various actions of a SkeletalMesh.
SliderConstraint Type of RigidConstraint that allows rigid bodies to slide along a wire.
Socket API that allows TCP/IP and UDP communication to create customized server/client protocols.
SoftBody Component that allows a DynamicMesh to respond to soft body physics.
SoftConstraint Base structure that maintains the properties of a specific SoftConstraintType.
Sound Access settings and configuration structure as well as definition used by the Sound FX subsystem (Sfx).
SoundBuffer Re-usable Asset that provides static or streamed binary audio data to SoundSource.
SoundGroup Creates a virtual folder to store multiple SoundSource Object.
SoundSource Object component to emit sounds.
StaticMesh Base class optimized to handle static Mesh with or without muliple level of details.
Stream Provide an interface to interact with text and binary streams.
Strip Single piece of an Animation Sequence that based on its underlying StripGroupType will dictate its behaviors.

Allows you to manage the StripGroup and StripSection of your Sequence.


Re-group a serie of Strip that share similar behavior based on the StripGroupType of the group.


Provide a mechanism to group multiple Strip in a section that can be manipulated independently.

Texmap Interface allowing you to access, tweak and modify ray texel data associated to an existing Texture Asset.
Text Type of Object that allows you to render either 2D or 3D text; statically or dynamically.
Texture Asset that provides a interface to texture between the core and the GPU.
Track Re-usable Curve Asset.
Transition Component that allow your machine state to jump from one state to another based on condition or set of conditions.
TwistConstraint RigidConstraint that preserve the PhysicObject within the bounds of a cone.
Utility Asset that allows you to create utilities to use within the editor sand box.
Variable Control the settings and value of a Variable.
Video Texture component that allows video playback.
VideoBuffer This type of Asset contain video stream data that can be used in conjunction with a Video component to provides real-time Video playback.
World Controls the various settings and properties of the physics world.
Zone Interface allowing you to create areas on an existing Map that requires Ability to traverse.

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